Uncover metrics for success with Prometheus Analytics

Build reports tailored to your business and track performance factors that matter.

Prometheus Analytics offers Curated Metrics

Curated Metrics

Prometheus builds metrics based on discoveries in the data and trends in the industry to help your business gain a competitive advantage.

Corporate Level Analytics Prometheus Analytics

Corporate Level Analytics

View performance and identify trends to improve your business. Compare your business to the industry.

Prometheus Analytics offers Site-Specific and Role-Based Reports

Site-Specific and Role-Based Reports

Gain visibility into the productivity of each site and compare performance to identify areas of improvement. Then, break this down by department or role.

Gain a full understanding of any aspect of your business

Prometheus Analytics

Quickly and easily view reports to plan your next week, month, or year.

check   Measure your progress

check   Identify challenges

check   Capitalize on opportunities

Spend more time analyzing data and less time finding it.

check   Operates through a web-based browser

check  Allows front-line workers and executives to operate off the same set of data

check  Shows real-time data from SAP without ever logging into SAP itself

check Pinpoint areas for improvement using charts built by Prometheus experts

Prometheus Analytics