Preventive planning and scheduling is an essential step in optimizing the plant maintenance process. Studies have consistently shown that the cost to perform corrective maintenance is ten times more than preventive maintenance. To better equip planners and schedulers with the tools needed to control costs and increase productivity, companies need to deploy a software suite that simplifies the planning and scheduling process while keeping data inside SAP.

The Prometheus Plant Maintenance Advanced solution simplifies the SAP planning and scheduling process and reduces training time by up to 60 percent. With the ability to visually inspect and graphically schedule preventative maintenance in a Gantt chart view, planners and schedulers can better control the frequency of unplanned repairs. The solution also greatly simplifies preventative maintenance planning, work package printing, and KPI reporting in particular.


  • Reduce screen time for personnel
  • Keep all data inside SAP
  • See a visual layout of work order data and schedule graphically
  • Print work packages in a single click within a single PDF
  • Retrieve SAP material master numbers through an advanced multi-word,  any-order search
  • Modify work orders and operations as a whole via a list edit with just a single click
  • Improve SAP scheduling
  • Improve long range planning