Master data governance is the cornerstone to a successful operation. The implications of poor data go much deeper than additional time required and frustration – poor data directly impacts the bottom line and the sustainability of the enterprise overall. In fact, a Gartner study found that the average enterprise loses $8.2M annually to poor data quality.

Our Master Data Solution drives harmonization and integration, increasing wrench time and production in the short-term, and enabling the business to scale and more easily implement new globalized systems and processes in the long-term.

Data cleansing is only as onerous of a task as you make it. We’ve simplified the process through an intuitive, easy to use, and highly configurable interface so that you can reap the benefits immediately.

There is a reason industry leaders partner with us in their cleansing process.

It utilizes applied learning 

  • Learns new text and applies it to existing text
  • Auto-generates short and long text from class, characteristics, and material masters fields

It’s user-friendly

  • Merges data fields with an easy drag and drop function

It drives sustainable processes in the future

  • Sustains the standards set in cleansing by allowing users to request materials to be created, changed, extended, copied, or deleted in the system
  • Prevents duplication by cross-checking existing materials with those being cleansed

And it functions uniquely within SAP

  • So all of your data is preserved in the system and all changes are made in real-time