Master data governance is crucial to optimizing your enterprise asset management (EAM) system to ensure everyone at your organization is maximizing the value of one system of record. Chances are you have endured the downfalls associated with “dirty data” and its impact on operations. Bad materials descriptions often lead to purchasing the wrong part for a crucial piece of equipment. Inconsistent naming conventions will not only bloat your EAM system, but force staff to spend excess hours searching through multiple variations of the same item to find the correct materials for a job. Of course, this does not include the risks you are taking regarding compliance and reliability metrics needed for executive management.

Prometheus Group’s Master Data Solution (MDS) is an easy to use application that facilitates asset optimization through master data harmonization and real-time governance in an EAM environment. With MDS, your organization can cleanse existing data, and set up the processes to govern future data inputs to ensure data stays clean without constantly paying for costly consultants. Once the data is cleaned, MDS provides a way to retain the knowledge it “learned” from the cleansing process, and puts it to good use during the governance of cleansed data, as well as the acquisition of new assets by providing recommendations for characteristic values and consistent checks for possible duplication of data.


  • Standardizes master data for materials, functional locations and equipment
  • Enforces standards during cleansing and governance
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Provides real-time governance to drive asset optimization