Mobile Maximo Solutions for Airports and Airfields

Enable Maximo with One Mobile Solution and Manage Airport Assets with Confidence.

As the asset manager for your airport, you need one comprehensive mobile airport solution so you can effortlessly manage all of your assets.

Not only do you keep a vigilant watch on all of your assets, but you're under pressure to meet heavy regulation and compliance requirements, as you manage equipment failures and try to reduce downtime, and ensure asset reliability, while striving to increase staff productivity.

Prometheus will make your job easier. Our mobile for Maximo airport solution is all you need for airfield operations, field maintenance, risk management, fleet mangement, and terminal operations.

CFR 139 Inspections

Your airfield inspectors can perform 139 Inspections using Prometheus on a tablet or phone that gives them a visual map of color-coded inspections, work orders, and zones. Inspectors can even turn layers on and off to filter for the information they need. From their preferred view of the data, they can create findings and work orders on the fly. Within moments, the information will update to Maximo and you will know if there’s a wildlife strike, an incident, an FOD, or other critical concern.

Work Orders and Inventory

In the terminal, operations can use Prometheus Mobile to create work orders, manage inventory, or do inspections. Within days of implementation and staff training, you can start receiving timely updates in Maximo about all of your assets – from restrooms to moving walkways – and you will know what needs to be fixed and what needs to be replaced.

Why Choose Prometheus?

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Work Anywhere

Works online and offline, and can be hosted locally or in the cloud.

Multiple Systems

Connect to other systems, such as Esri, seamlessly to the end user.

Single App

One app for all of your Maximo use cases and more.

Awesome Support

We provide excellent customer support.

Platform Agnostic

Works on your favorite devices and operating system.

Configure In-house

Our Admin Client allows your Maximo Admin to configure views.


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