DataSplice Maintenance and Support Plans Overview

DataSplice Subscription Support Plans

DataSplice Software Subscription Maintenance Support
(148-520-001, 148-520-201, 148-520-301) (Subscription Fee Based)DataSplice Software Maintenance is available in 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month subscriptions. Subscription Maintenance provides customers with the following services and ongoing technical support:

- DataSplice software product upgrades*, updates, maintenance releases and patches.Support for applicable Bridge and/or Plug-in products.
- DataSplice telephone or email assistance available during
- DataSplice working hours on a five-day-a-week basis;8:30 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time US & Canada (GMT-7:00).
- Access to DataSplice’s technical web site.

*DataSplice Software upgrades are offered at no cost to customers with current maintenance subscription plans. The upgrade process may require fee-based professional service hours.

Note: Dedicated Telephone and Sustainment Support assistance can be provided for “non-standard module” DataSplice solutions (See “Sustainment Support” and\or “Dedicated Telephone Support”). Sustainment Support and Dedicated Telephone Support are not included with Subscription Maintenance Support program and/or fees. A “non-standard module” is defined as the portion of the DataSplice configuration that varies from the standard Commercial-Off-the Shelf (COTS) system and has been specifically configured to match an individual customer’s work process.

Extended Hours Technical Support
(148-520-401, 148-520-501, 148-520-601)

24 hour, 7 days per week technical assistance is available for customers who want around the clock coverage. This is available as an extra-price option.

This support is available in 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month increments.

DataSplice Initial Device Setup and Provisioning Support
DataSplice installs the appropriate, project specific application software on each handheld device, provides comprehensive testing of the handheld computer, and distributes the fully configured hardware to the customer site. This applies ONLY to hardware purchased through DataSplice as part of our reseller services.  This is a one-time, initial fee.  Ongoing technical support is provided through DataSplice Subscription Maintenance and vendor specific hardware warranty plans.

DataSplice Handheld Device Provisioning Subscription Maintenance; Hardware
Configuration; and Management Support
(148-520-002, 148-520-202, 148-520-302) (Subscription Fee Based)
DataSplice Provisioning Maintenance is available in 12-month, 24-month and 36-month subscriptions. Provisioning  Maintenance provides customers with the following services and on-going technical support:

- Troubleshooting to determine if hardware issues are the result of installed software applications; project specific configurations; or the hardware itself.
- A single logistics control for on-going configuration and management of project related firmware installed on handheld devices.
- Project specific software and/or firmware product updates and installations for each handheld device. Includes support of third party products**
- DataSplice telephone or email assistance available during DataSplice working hours on a five-day-a-week basis; 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Mountain Time US & Canada (GMT-7:00).
- Access to DataSplice’s technical web site.

**Third party software may require the purchase of separate maintenance plans. DataSplice Software Subscription and Provisioning Maintenance includes the technical support for third party products that are related to project specific configurations.

Handheld Hardware Support
(Part Numbers based Upon Manufacturer Service Plan) (Subscription Fee Based)
DataSplice is an authorized reseller and support agent of handheld devices as well as related accessories, printers, equipment and warranty agreements. As such, we provide integrated service and oversight for hardware related support issues including coordination of service, repair, and replacement programs. We support vendor warranty programs that include Bronze, Silver and Medallion plans offering 5-business day, 3-business day, 2-business day, or overnight turnaround commitments on the repairs of our customers’ hardware. Extended warranty protection is available in 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month plan.

Support that is Subscription Fee Based is due and payable in advance of the Support Period, unless otherwise stated in a Purchase Order Form, ordering document, or payment contract with DataSplice.

DataSplice Sustainment Support Plans
Sustainment Support and Dedicated Telephone Support Services
(Hourly Fee Based)

Sustainment Support and Dedicated Telephone Support are fee-based services that may be purchased on an hourly basis and is intended to cover the post-production phase of system implementation projects.  This plan allows for the continued use of DataSplice technical resources to resolve unforeseen issues that may arise after the DataSplice system goes into production.  This plan is typically not intended for additional configurations, only resolution to issues that correspond to non-standard DataSplice configurations and\or miscellaneous issues associated with a project implementation.

An active DataSplice Software Subscription/Maintenance plan is a pre-requisite for purchasing sustainment support hours.  Dedicated Hourly Support includes:

- Technical support for non-standard DataSplice configurations and\or miscellaneous issues relating to the post-production phase of a project
- Technical assistance for issues that fall outside general DataSplice Software Subscription Maintenance

Technical Support Contact Information
Telephone: 970.232.1730

Contacting Support
The following information is required or highly beneficial to ensuring that we can provide prompt and effective assistance:
- Assigned Technical Contact or the requester’s contact information.*
- A DataSplice Work Order Number, an active Purchase Order Number associated with this project, and/or your DataSplice Maintenance Subscription Plan information
- Operating system information pertaining to the system in need of support. Please include the relevant Program version(s).
- DataSplice program module and version number.
- Any Program error numbers associated with problem.
- Detailed description of the problem.
- For Hardware Related Issues – The manufacturer, model, and serial number of the device.
- Severity of the problem.

*We ask that customers assign a Technical Contact person who will monitor and receive Dedicated Professional Services.

The Technical Contact should be clearly stated on the Statement of Work or Purchase Order. To ensure prompt support, the Customer must notify DataSplice Technical Support or our Client Services Department whenever the primary Technical Contact changes or responsibilities are transferred to another individual.