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Prometheus Planning and Scheduing for Maximo (AKWIRE):

Where Powerful Features Meet Intuitive User Experience

Allows what-if scenarios and syncs back to Maximo, keeping it your single source of truth 
Uses a Gantt, along with flexible features, to allow scheduling and assigning all in one screen
Incorporates one-click features to quickly assign, schedule and filter work orders 
Is designed with color-coded heat maps, making it fast and easy to see when you are over or under allocated 
Allows users to save layouts and filters, eliminating repetitive preparation work  
Is built to load record amounts of data without compromising your Maximo system performance; load a schedule with thousands of Work Order records in seconds 
Enables planners to forecast PMs years into the future so you can preview and plan for your PM workload well in advance 
Includes multi-method mass change feature
Includes configurable User Interface (UI) Roles to tailor the tool to your users’ roles, permissions, and needs  
Includes Appointment Scheduling functionality, ideal for scheduling appointments to the hour
Captures 50+ metrics weekly
Enables compliance tracking, including break-in and break-out tracking and reason codes
Streamlines assigning resources to Work Orders with Daily Work Sheet add-on, a simplified Excel-like spreadsheet
Exports to Outlook and/or Excel with just the click of a button 

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What Planning and Scheduling Experts Say

Jeremy Vossen

Facilities Supervisor
DTE Energy, Michigan, USA

"Shockingly Easy"

I was shocked at the ease. Everything that he was showing us, scheduling-wise, it was so easy.

I told them what takes me hours, with this, I could do in no time. And it all writes back to Maximo.

The other programs that we were using in the past… nothing wrote back to Maximo so you would change things but it wouldn’t get back to Maximo.

Shauna Nevel

Maximo Business Analyst
Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA.

"Key to Efficiency!"

The key to reduce our unplanned/emerging work and reduce maintenance costs is getting people on board with using AKWIRE visual suite for Maximo [now part of Prometheus Planning & Scheduling], by introducing more groups to AKWIRE [Prometheus] and everything that it can do for us.

Doc Palmer

Author, McGraw-Hill Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook
Richard Palmer and Associates, USA.

"They Get It!"

The best thing about Solufy [now part of Prometheus Planning & Scheduling] is they understand planning and scheduling from a maintenance perspective rather than an IT perspective.

All too often, IT people think that if you plan a job for five hours, it should take five hours. IT-centric geared CMMS software is designed around perfect job plans and perfect schedules that are just not real life.

Dustin Dunaway

Automation and Electrical Manager
Oxy Permian Resources, Texas, USA.

"Incredible Results"

AKWIRE [now part of Prometheus Planning & Scheduling] helped to reduce our average TTR (Time To Repair) from 27 days to 7 days over a three-month implementation period equating to approximately $25M in savings (bringing on lost production). This was for Maximo priorities 1-7 and with a staff that was reduced by 40 percent. After the initial phase 1 was so successful, we formed a PIT (Process Improvement Team) and further reduced the TTR by an additional 20 percent.

I have no doubt that without AKWIRE [Prometheus] and the incredible staff at Solufy [Prometheus] support, we would not have been successful in this incredible feat.

Jason Luke

Consultant, Application SR IT
Kinder Morgan, Texas, USA.

"Better Technical Solution"

I liked AKWIRE vScheduler [now part of Prometheus Planning & Scheduling] over alternatives because the processing happens on a Citrix server vs utilizing CPU on the Maximo application servers.

I had heard and seen demos in the past that showed alternative solutions using a lot to process all this data. So to have it off loaded onto a different server, seemed like a better technical solution.

Case Studies
Find out how maintenance team in Facilities Management, Utilities, Oil and Gas, Government Administration, and more are using Prometheus Planning and Scheduing for Maximo.
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The Future of Planning and Scheduling is Here. And it's Integrated.

The Prometheus platform is a scalable environment that integrates all your enterprise asset management software into one cohesive, streamlined, simplified experience. Prometheus Planning and Scheduing for Maximo (AKWIRE) includes the best planning and scheduling elements of our Prometheus product, with all the advantages of being in our integrated and connected platform environment. Optimized for fast data transfer, AKWIRE still connects seamlessly with IBM Maximo, updating your data in near real-time.

Integration with the other modules in the Prometheus platform allows for a user-friendly, consistent experience, improved workflows, and greater capabilities, all while maintaining Maximo as your single source of truth. As part of the Prometheus platform, the products in AKWIRE have a fresh, new intuitive interface that allows for easy configuration of screens and workflows. The future of planning and scheduling is integrated. We'll help you get there. 

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