Master Data Governance

Prometheus Platform Data Governance and Master Data Management Software

Master data is the foundation of the Prometheus platform. Comprehensive data is crucial for accurate reliability reports, correct schedules, and standardized work processes. Prometheus has the data library you need to optimize your system.

Prometheus Master Data Governance enables you to gather data from across the Prometheus platform (and your EAM/ERP/CMMS) and cleanse/standardize it for actionable insights. Master Data Governance is ideal for new EAM implementations and mergers and acquisitions, and it ensures your single source of truth is accurate.

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Our MDM/MDG Software Enables You To

Reduce duplicate materials and inventory carrying costs and leverage corporate-negotiated rates for materials.

Reduce production outages caused by lack of critical spare parts and additional downtime due to stockout reduction.

Avoid starting over from scratch in M&A. Master Data Governance gets your system back up and running quickly.

Master Data Governance Standardizes and Cleanses Your Data

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