Prometheus Platform Mobile Plant and Facility Software

Streamline remote data entry with an intuitive mobile application that connects technicians in the field with your ERP/EAM/CMMS system such as SAP or IBM Maximo. Prometheus Mobility enables real-time communication and data entry at the source. It works both online and offline, and uploads data automatically to your ERP/EAM/CMMS system.

This comprehensive solution is designed to perform a wide range of key asset management functions, including work order execution, routes and inspections, and inventory management. Prometheus Mobilty is a native solution that is available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Announcement: DataSplice Mobile for Maximo is now Prometheus Mobile Facility Management. Learn More.

Our Plant and Facility Maintenance Mobile Application Includes

Mobile Plant Maintenance - View and create work orders, enter time confirmations, and enter new notifications quickly and easily from the field.
Mobile Inventory Management - Track inventory, enter goods issued and received, utilize barcode scanning, view inventory documents, and update inventory count onsite.
Mobile Production Planning - View production orders and documents and enter time confirmations from the field, giving technicians timely access to information.
Mobile Permitting and Isolations - Integrate Prometheus Mobility and Permitting solutions to perform field risk assessments, track statuses, and monitor work progression from your mobile device.


Simple user interface
Real-time access to ERP system
Easy configuration for use cases and roles
Rapid deployment
Seamless integration with ERP system
Eliminates double entry
Online/Offline capability
Custom development available
Increased user adoption
Increase wrench time with instant material availability updates
Decrease inventory availability errors

Key Capabilities

Create, update, and submit notifications and work orders from the field
Plan preventive and routine work directly from the field using task lists from your ERP
Search and view master data, like equipment and material details
Access equipment historical data
Manage the application layout and configuration directly
Access to work order information and documents, e.g., shop papers, drawings, and permits
Confirm time following standard confirmation procedures
Input multiple transactions at a time
View inspection lists and measurement history
Record measurement points

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