Planning and Scheduling

World-class enterprise maintenance scheduling software

At Prometheus, we help you execute your asset strategy by directly impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of your maintenance planning and scheduling process. We understand that the planning and scheduling process is the foundation for a sound asset management strategy and that planning and scheduling has the greatest bottom-line impact of any maintenance function.
Our solutions help you set a solid foundation of planning and scheduling to help you on your journey towards operational excellence.

Prometheus enables world-class reliability and maintenance.

Easily enforce maintenance standards and business rules across your enterprise
Consistently achieve 90% schedule compliance
Ensure all available resources and equipment are fully scheduled
Reduce equipment downtime and reactive work

Improve time on tools and other technician efficiencies


Increase PM compliance and reduce corrective work


Standardize business processes across multiple sites, and train new users on your workflow, not your ERP system.


Ensure the right people, materials, tools, and permits are all visible and updating in real-time when generating your schedule.

Work Order Mass Change

Quickly update over 140 fields from multiple orders and operations at the same time.

Work Package Manager

Easily print shop papers and any associated document to ensure all required paperwork is ready for your technicians.

Order to Task List & BOM

Ensure all BOMs are updated with the latest material, and that all routine jobs are easily saved for future use.

Material Shopping Cart

Search across multiple fields to always find the correct part and avoid free-text spending.

Scheduler Add-On's

Material Availability Coordinator

Analyze in real time the status of all materials and services associated with any order. Obtain in real time the status of all materials in stock and in purchasing.

Preventative Maintenance Manager

Stay proactive and keep all maintenance plans and task lists updated. Forecast your PMs for an entire year, allowing you to know labor and material requirements before your plans get coverted into orders.

Extended Functionality

Allow users to get the most out of scheduler by allowing them to simulate different scenarios, S-Curve analysis, work progression and visualize the critical path.


Gain control over your maintenance budget, by displaying all work costs in real time, by month or quarter.

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