Strategic Services

Develop competitive advantages with our EAM consultants

Prometheus Group helps customers develop a competitive advantage by developing strategies to pursue growth and create value while managing risk in a volatile market.  Using proven industry tools and benchmarks, we can help define world-class performance goals, rationalize capital projects and achieve pragmatic value creation.

Performance management

We use data analytics to identify the most critical focus areas for organizational success and build the most valuable capability while protecting the strength of the organization in the process. We assist clients by leveraging powerful industry and functional knowledge to design, plan and deliver robust cost and performance improvement programs.

Maximize capital expenditure ROI

Costs should be proactively managed and treated as a portfolio of investments that provides a return to the firm. Our solutions look to add value by shifting the mix of overhead investments away from general costs and into core capabilities that support strategy.

Comprehensive Delivery

We drill down from findings to deliver a clear and concise plan of action and leverage our extensive experience in supporting the implementation of improvement programs. We understand that achieving results requires engaging with those who are in the field. The majority of our work is done with the client at their site, where our team will deliver a challenging action plan to produce optimal results.