Permitting, Isolations and Risk Management

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Prometheus enables you to transform existing paper based and digital permitting systems into a powerful Integrated Safe System Of Work (ISSOW), allowing all types of work to be streamlined, recorded, risk assessed, audited and more while giving unprecedented visibility to the whole business.

Permit to Work

Web-based permit to work software replaces paper processes and allows you to monitor your site and shutdowns in real time.

Isolation Management

Powerful isolation management functions include templates, cross-referencing, isolation point validation and tag printing.

Risk Assessment

Standardize hazard identification and risk assessment to capture lessons learned and add a new level of rigor to your worksites.

Reduce number of permit related incidents
Minimize isolation scheme preparation time 
Limit internal process documentation
Identify more hazards and hazard controls

Reportable, Auditable and Retrievable

All actions are recorded and can be easily retrieved for incident reporting and auditing purposes. ePAS also enables live and on-demand audits.

Optimize Shutdowns

Streamline shutdown planning and ensure safe work with a suite of tools that includes the use of reusable templates. “Only do the hard work once”.

Work in the Field

Robust online/offline functionality and integration with the Prometheus Mobile Platform allows end-to-end operations and maintenance activities to be performed on the go.

Reduce Risk

Store and retrieve all of your existing workplace hazards and controls, isolation templates, job descriptions, risk assessments, and procedures – ensure a standardized approach across your site and business, reducing the risk of human error.

World-Class Isolation Management

Full isolation and lockout tagout (LOTO) management capabilities, with standard isolation lists, automated isolation conflict prevention, isolation point validation, checklists, tag printing, isolation procedures/HV switching programs, and more.

Integrate and Communicate

Optimize your operations and reduce confusion by integrating permit information with your core enterprise information and control systems. Improve inter-department communication by facilitating automatic updates between Maintenance and Operations systems.