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We’re passionate about continuous improvement and development for our users. That’s why we’ve built classes designed to help further your skills navigating Prometheus Group software and standard SAP. All of our courses are united in one goal: to help increase the effectiveness and productivity of your operation.

Prometheus Group University courses are certified sessions spanning four days:

check  Learn about industry best practices

check  Network with your peers

check  Complete the class exercises live in standard SAP

PM 101: World-Class Maintenance Planning with SAP and Prometheus

PM 101 provides hands-on planner training for your company’s maintenance organization. Leveraging the best practices we’ve gathered from years of industry experience, learn how to build corrective notifications and work orders according to industry standards, while understanding the closed-loop maintenance strategy to set the foundation of world class maintenance.

Throughout this interactive course, attendees will cover the entire planning life-cycle, from notification to TECO, while learning the best practices for streamlined, effective planning and a reportable history for future analysis. Users will get knee-deep into planning in SAP and leveraging ERP Advanced to enhance and streamline planning, as well as analyze backlogs and track history.

This course is recommended for users in SAP PM looking to get more out of SAP and Prometheus ERP Advanced for daily maintenance planning and workflow.

Attendees will walk away with a firm understanding of the following:

check  Effective strategies to build and track notifications within SAP PM
check  How to plan for work execution
check  When to save task lists, and how to deploy them for rapid planning in the future
check  Manage a planner’s backlog effectively with workflow, status management, and reporting
check  Job close-outs, with history documentation and how to track the results to be more effective moving forward


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March 20 - 23, 2018, Lake Charles, LA USD $2,500
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PM 102: World-Class Scheduling with SAP and Prometheus

PM 102 covers advanced end-to-end scheduling best practices in SAP using Prometheus ERP Advanced. Across this detailed and interactive training course, attendees will learn how to maximize their usage of SAP PM, focusing on the following areas: establishing standardized selections and reports within Scheduler, streamlined navigation based on process, building effective weekly execution schedules in a repeatable fashion, and using KPIs to monitor progress and benchmark performance. This course is a prime opportunity to better understand the tools within ERP Advanced and SAP to become more effective in the scheduling role.

PM 102 is  recommended for those using Prometheus solutions for weekly maintenance scheduling and looking to streamline the workflow and scheduling process.

Attendees will walk away with a firm understanding of the following:

check  Enhanced data selection and reporting through advanced variants and layouts
check  Understanding of how work order and work center settings affect scheduling in SAP
check  Advanced scheduling model with adaptability to your business
check  Working knowledge of how to effectively use Scheduler
check  Workflow and status management to track all work effectively
check  Capturing schedules and ongoing updates
check  Analyzing schedule compliance reports and trends through ERP Advanced


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March 13 - 16, 2018, Leeds, UK USD $2,500
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July 24 - 27, 2018, Houston, TX USD $2,500
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October 16 - 19, 2018, Toronto, ON, CA USD $2,500
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PM 201: Taking Plant Maintenance to the Next Level

In this course, we will be going even deeper into the Plant Maintenance module of SAP. Within this course, users will be exposed to the deeper details that drive effective maintenance data inside of SAP. This includes a detailed look behind the curtain of SAP PM for enhanced maintenance plan and task list strategies, enhanced work center capacities through hierarchies, HR records, and shift sequences, and configuration options to further develop maintenance processing for bill of materials, functional locations and equipment, and more.

We will also be looking into the SPRO configuration settings that drive the system to get the most out of SAP PM for the business and end users. Additionally, we will be looking into long-term maintenance analysis through key KPI metrics, including schedule compliance, break-in reporting, and due date analysis of PMs. All options will be done within the Prometheus SAP environment, allowing users to touch and feel the different aspects of SAP PM.

This course is recommended for experienced SAP PM process leads and Prometheus super  users who have a desire to further the output of SAP PM as a whole.

Attendees will walk away with a firm understanding of the following:

check  Maintenance plan structuring and setup
check  Equipment and functional location options for enhanced maintenance processing
check  Enhanced BOM setup for long-term sustainability and scalability
check  Enhanced work center capacity capabilities and outputs
check  SPRO access and capabilities within standard SAP
check  Basic notification and work order configuration options for long-term sustainability
check  Building effective KPI profiles and reports, and key configurations that drive output


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June 19 - 22, 2018, Houston, TX USD $2,500
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PG 101: Mastering ERP Advanced

PG 101 is designed to immerse users into ERP Advanced with a focus on function and form. Here, users will be exposed to each element of the ERP Advanced suite in detail with the ability to see how each piece works independently, as well as part of the big picture. We will discuss the roles and uses for each segment, and take a look at the basic configuration options offered to customers to enhance the overall experience.

In addition to ERP Advanced training, customers will get exposure to building detailed variants and layouts to support reporting and tracking, as well as walk through the closed-loop maintenance cycle and how each element plays a part. This will be a great chance for companies to see how the different roles and responsibilities within SAP PM can be built out and managed with ERP Advanced and leveraged across the board.

This course is recommended for business process leads who are interested in improving adoption and roll-out strategies, as well as Prometheus key users looking to get a more thorough understanding of ERP Advanced.

Attendees will walk away with a firm understanding of the following:

check  Building role-based navigators for rapid deployment
check  Constructing detailed variants and layouts for reporting and analysis
check  A deep understanding of Scheduler, including setup, planning, and scheduling capabilities
check  How and when to use order to BOM and order to task list for long-term sustainability
check  Printing schedule and work order lists, including installation points
check  Tracking and analysis with KPI snapshots and profiles
check  Overview of key configuration options that drive ERP Advanced


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November 6 - 9, 2018, Raleigh, NC USD $2,500
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STO 101: Planning, Scheduling, and Executing STOs in SAP PS and PM with Prometheus

STO 101 will cover the end to end structuring and execution of shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages using the capabilities of SAP Project Systems and Plant Maintenance, with planning, scheduling, and execution using the  Scheduler by Prometheus Group. Throughout the course, users will get a full hands-on experience building out a project structure within PS, bucketing work orders for STOs and applying into the structures, planning and baselining, and execution and tracking of the work.

This course is recommended for users executing or looking to execute STOs in SAP with Prometheus Group’s Scheduler solution for STOs. Previous experience with SAP and Prometheus is strongly recommended, as well as previous STO planning experience.

Attendees will walk away with a firm understanding of the following:

check  Grouping work orders into STO buckets, including scope selection and labeling
check  Constructing WBS hierarchies in SAP PS
check  Structuring and planning work orders for STO execution and analysis
check  Baselining, S-Curve, and KPI Techniques for tracking and analysis
check  Execution within SAP for up-to-date information
check  Templating in PS for more effective plans in the future


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February 27 - March 2, 2018, Houston, TX USD $2,500
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September 18 - 21, 2018, Calgary, AB, CA USD $2,500
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