Prometheus Platform Benefits

Integrated EAM solutions built from the needs of our customers.

At Prometheus Group, customers are our research and development department.
We listen and act quickly to deliver what you need.

Intuitive and easy-to-use

Prometheus is built with our users. In fact, Prometheus was conceived during work breaks at a west coast oil refinery, where we received raw feedback from the users on the front line. Although we have grown a bit, we still take this philosophy to heart. All of our solutions are still developed side by side with our customers.

Quick Implementation

Our software is so easy to implement, you can be up and running within three weeks.

Integrated solution

Not only are all of Prometheus’s solutions integrated, they also integrate directly with your ERP.  For example, as soon as a field technician completes an order, you'll see it in real time across all solutions.

Single source of truth

Prometheus focuses on data integrity, strengthening your most critical business functions with data you can trust.

Trusted by the largest asset-intensive companies in the world

Prometheus is a proven, flexible solution that can adapt to your business requirements.

Asset management experts

Our asset management experts help you utilize the full power of both Prometheus and your ERP to achieve your business goals.

Global approach with local support

Our global approach to services ensures that all customers around the world receive the same high-quality level of support.