Prometheus Recruiting - Preparing for College Career Fairs

Fall is not just about football and cozy sweaters; it's also the season of College Career Fairs - and we're absolutely thrilled about it! As recruiters, the anticipation of autumn builds all year long, culminating in our exhilarating journey to various colleges and universities for career fairs, information sessions, and classroom visits. As we gear up for this exciting roadshow, we want to share some tips to help you make the most of your experience at our campus events!


To truly make the most of your Career Fair visit, a little prep goes a long way, so here are some tips:


Save the Dates!

Circle the on-campus career fairs that align with your goals. Universities offer a diverse range of career fairs, some tailored to specific departments or majors, while others cater to internships and co-op opportunities.

Revamp Your Resume and LinkedIn

Give your resume and LinkedIn profile a well-deserved makeover. Better yet, utilize your campus resources, like the Career Development Center, for an expert review.

Craft Your Pitch

Career Fairs are bustling, so it's crucial to make a lasting first impression. Be ready to introduce yourself confidently, highlighting your interests and explaining why you'd be a great fit for the company.

  • "Hi, I'm Rebekah. I'll be graduating in December with a degree in Public & Interpersonal Communication. I've completed two impactful HR internships and I'm excited to secure a full-time recruiter position after graduation. My strong work ethic and team-player attitude would fit well with Prometheus Group's values."

Not only should you have a polished introduction, but also prepare insightful questions to ask recruiters.

  • "Are there any upcoming internships or co-op opportunities available this year?"
  • "What specific skills and qualities are you seeking in potential candidates?"

Strategize for Success

With hundreds of companies often present, a game plan is essential.

Do Your Homework

Check out the Career Fair's official website to see the lineup of attending companies. Research these companies, their offerings (full-time, internships, etc.), and create a list of top-priority companies you want to engage with

Make a Checklist

Have your priority companies listed with you at the Career Fair. As you engage with them, tick them off your list to stay organized.

Seal the Deal

After the fair, keep the momentum going.

Stay Connected

Follow companies on LinkedIn and connect with recruiters you had meaningful conversations with. This way, you'll stay updated on future opportunities and stay on their radar.


Here's where you can find us this fall:

James Madison University

September 12, 2023: On Campus Info Session, 9-12pm, Hartman Hall

September 26, 2023: Sales Networking, 3-6pm, Center for Professional Services

September 27, 2023: Career Fair, 11-3pm


North Carolina State University

September 13, 2023: Info Table, 9am-12pm, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Fitts-Woolard Hall

September 14, 2023: Coffee & Donuts, 11am-1pm, Computer Science EB2 Atrium

September 18, 2023: ePartners Career Connections,12-4pm, Computer Science (virtual)

September 20, 2023: College of Engineering Career Fair

September 27, 2023: Poole College of Management Career Fair

October 3, 2023: Women in Computer Science Career Fair, 12-4pm, Duke Energy Hall

October 12, 2023: Coffee & Donuts, 11am-1pm, Computer Science EB2 Atrium

October 17, 2023: Computer Science Info Sessions

October 20, 2023: Externship Info Session

November 8, 2023: Info Table, 9am-12pm, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Fitts-Woolard Hall


University of North Carolina at Wilmington

September 27, 2023: Career Fair, 12-4pm

October 6, 2023: Sales Competition

October 9, 2023: Sales Club, Presentation

October 26, 2023: Sales Mixer, Lumina

October 27, 2023: Sales Career Fair, Warwick


Virginia Tech University

September 5, 2023: Sales Industry Day

September 6, 2023: Business Horizons Career Fair

September 7, 2023: Business Horizons Career Fair

September 27, 2023: Virtual Internship and Career Fair, 10am


Drop by, say hello, and let's connect at these fantastic events! Your career journey is about to take an exciting turn, and we're here to guide you every step of the way.