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Planning & Scheduling for Maximo (Formerly AKWIRE)

Maximo Asset Management Software for Your Plant or Facility

Prometheus Planning & Scheduling for Maximo provides cutting edge solutions for the management of emergency, corrective, and preventive maintenance.

This out-of-the-box solution streamlines and enhances maintenance processes by utilizing applications that fully integrate with your system of record to keep a single source of truth for your data. The Prometheus Visual Scheduler and intuitive heat map leads to a more proactive maintenance program by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your planners and schedulers.


Installs and upgrades with no Maximo downtime
Graphically view and schedule work order
Intuitive color coded heatmap to easily identify under/over allocation
Handles large amounts of data without affecting Maximo performance
Maximize resource utilization and wrench time and reduce reactive work
Increase schedule and PM compliance
Seamless integration with the Prometheus platform


vScheduler - Comprehensive planning and scheduling in an easy to use graphical format. vScheduler will not interfere with Maximo performance regardless of the size of the data sets you’re working with.
vCalendar - Provides a simple GUI that allows you to view labor, craft, and crew calendars and modify their availability with a single click. Simplify the process of scheduling with calendars that can be easily maintained.
vJobPlan - Provides a configurable, detailed view of your Maximo Job Plans, allowing you to quickly determine where duration and timing changes would increase the accuracy of your scheduling activities.
vTimeSheet - Provides a side-by-side view of Planned hours vs. Actual hours; workers only need to modify records where deviations exist.
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What Planning & Scheduling Experts Say

Jeremy Vossen

Facilities Supervisor
DTE Energy, Michigan, USA

"Shockingly Easy"

I was shocked at the ease. Everything that he was showing us, scheduling-wise, it was so easy.

I told them what takes me hours, with this, I could do in no time. And it all writes back to Maximo.

The other programs that we were using in the past… nothing wrote back to Maximo so you would change things but it wouldn’t get back to Maximo.

Shauna Nevel

Maximo Business Analyst
Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA.

"Key to Efficiency!"

The key to reduce our unplanned/emerging work and reduce maintenance costs is getting people on board with using AKWIRE visual suite for Maximo [now part of Prometheus Planning & Scheduling], by introducing more groups to AKWIRE [Prometheus] and everything that it can do for us.

Doc Palmer

Author, McGraw-Hill Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook
Richard Palmer and Associates, USA.

"They Get It!"

The best thing about Solufy [now part of Prometheus Planning & Scheduling] is they understand planning and scheduling from a maintenance perspective rather than an IT perspective.

All too often, IT people think that if you plan a job for five hours, it should take five hours. IT-centric geared CMMS software is designed around perfect job plans and perfect schedules that are just not real life.

Dustin Dunaway

Automation and Electrical Manager
Oxy Permian Resources, Texas, USA.

"Incredible Results"

AKWIRE [now part of Prometheus Planning & Scheduling] helped to reduce our average TTR (Time To Repair) from 27 days to 7 days over a three-month implementation period equating to approximately $25M in savings (bringing on lost production). This was for Maximo priorities 1-7 and with a staff that was reduced by 40 percent. After the initial phase 1 was so successful, we formed a PIT (Process Improvement Team) and further reduced the TTR by an additional 20 percent.

I have no doubt that without AKWIRE [Prometheus] and the incredible staff at Solufy [Prometheus] support, we would not have been successful in this incredible feat.

Jason Luke

Consultant, Application SR IT
Kinder Morgan, Texas, USA.

"Better Technical Solution"

I liked AKWIRE vScheduler [now part of Prometheus Planning & Scheduling] over alternatives because the processing happens on a Citrix server vs utilizing CPU on the Maximo application servers.

I had heard and seen demos in the past that showed alternative solutions using a lot to process all this data. So to have it off loaded onto a different server, seemed like a better technical solution.

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