Author: Kirby Erickson

Kirby has 35+ years of experience in the Utilities industry. Everything from entry-level plant floor maintenance to Planning and Scheduling experience. After a couple of stints as a house builder and as a bartender, he became an employee with the Salt River Project (SRP) power plant in Page, Arizona. With years of field experience, Kirby naturally transitioned into becoming a Planner, Maintenance Supervisor and Overhaul Coordinator before Managing the Planning Department.

Kirby lead a team of 10 Maintenance Planners and Schedulers responsible for the coordination of all maintenance activities using Maximo. He oversaw all stages of Work Order processing (prioritization, planning, scheduling, job feedback), ensuring that the work was ready to be performed in a safe, efficient and economic manner and that the reported information was accurate and detailed. Kirby also coordinated the development of overhaul and outage programs and the overall preventive maintenance (PM) plan. He worked closely with the Plant Management, coordinating all configuration and data changes and providing guidance for end users. Kirby was also on the development team and program administrator for Solufy's AKWIRE scheduler solution (Now Prometheus Routine Maintenance).

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