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Pipeline is now integrated into the Prometheus Platform.

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Prometheus Group's Maxavera® solution provides seamless integration between Primavera P6 and your EAM/CMMS work order management systems.This gives your organization the best of both worlds; you continue planning work in your EAM/CMMS system but use Primavera P6 to graphically schedule, level resources and manage your critical path.

Maxavera provides certified prepackaged integrations between Primavera and leading systems including SAP, IBM Maximo, Oracle EBS/eAM and Ventyx Passport. Maxavera is the leading enterprise integration for Primavera enabling best-of-breed planning and scheduling that supports some of the largest shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages in the world.

SAP PM ↔ Primavera

Learn how Maxavera® can create a seamless integrations between Primavera and SAP PM.


Oracle EAM ↔ Primavera P6

Learn how Maxavera® can create a seamless integrations between Oracle EAM and Primavera P6.


IBM Maximo ↔ Primavera P6

Learn how Maxavera® can create a seamless integrations between Primavera and Maximo.


External Contractors ↔ Primavera

Learn how Maxavera® Contractor Integration solution automates the integration of project planning and scheduling data between your organization and your external contractors.



Prometheus Group's Syntempo® is a state-of-the-art solution that integrates and extends your existing systems to create a single, unified command-and-control center for managing your TAR/Outages. Get more visibility and control than you ever thought was possible. It takes multiple systems to support the complex requirements of a major TAR/Outage.

Your organization already has a work order management system such as SAP PM, IBM Maximo, Oracle eAM or Ventyx Asset Suite, and you probably also use some type of specialty scheduling tool such as Oracle Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project to manage your critical path, scheduling and resource optimizations. Additionally, many plants use a variety of other special purpose applications for functions like permits, tag-out/lock-out, time management, boundaries, inspections and safety.

Gain real-time visibility to work progress
Reduce keyboard time for supervisors, foremen, and crafts by 90%
Improve communication across the entire TAR/Outage team
Eliminate "status chasing" and excessive phone calls and meetings

Refueling Outages

Refueling outages are complex, very fast moving projects. Communication and coordination between and among your team is absolutely critical to outage execution performance.

Unfortunately the work order and scheduling tools typically used to support outages do little or nothing to improve communication or coordination. These tools are oriented to planning and scheduling, not work execution. Reliance on these tools has put plants at a severe disadvantage leaving them continuously struggling to gain control and improve the performance of their outages.

Syntempo is the industry’s first outage execution management system. It puts your team back in control, and gives them the opportunity to measurably improve outage performance and reduce costs. It streamlines business processes and delivers actionable information to the fingertips of the people that need it, even before they know they need it.

Unplanned Outages

Similar to a refueling outage, restoring your station to a production mode after an unplanned outage is a very fast moving, short-fused “project”. It requires exceptional communication and coordination among all parties and resources involved in execution of work.

Syntempo streamlines and optimizes restoration work the same way it does for refueling projects. It provides an exceptional communication and coordination framework that enables teams to execute together with greater efficiency and accuracy. The result is a better, faster and more reliable method of restoring your systems and getting your station back to Mode 1.

Capital Projects

Just as it is used to streamline and optimize refueling outage project execution, Syntempo’s advanced communication, progress collection, schedule analysis and resource coordination features can substantially improve the execution performance of any sufficiently complex project.

Syntempo provides an easy to use, standardized approach to extending project schedules to the parties involved in your project, collecting progress information, and communicating progress and problems to the right people throughout the project management structure.