Prometheus Customer Success Story: Ballance Agri-Nutrients

Success Story: Ballance Agri-Nutrients

“The efficiency improvement [Ballance] saw in printing alone was more than enough to justify the purchase.”

Prometheus Customer Success Story: Hemlock Semiconductor

Success Story: Hemlock Semiconductor

“Hemlock Semiconductor achieved its goal of 80% capacity planning, allocating an unprecedented 20% of its resources to immediate and disruptive work.”

Prometheus Customer Success Story: OneSteel

Success Story: OneSteel & Recycling

“One user said, ‘Navigator has been a huge success story for us. It really helps beginner SAP users or those who aren’t using SAP daily.’”

Prometheus Customer Success Story: Century Aluminum

Success Story: Century Aluminum

“Century Aluminum saw dramatic improvements in their SAP system with regard to planning and scheduling, but also saved 240 hours annually from the enhanced KPI functionality alone.”

Joy Global

Success Story: Joy Global

“When you look at the identification side of things, we’re getting better information inside of SAP.” “Prometheus has been very responsive to what we’ve been looking for,” Schmidt adds.

Success Story: Brasil Terminal Portuário (BTP)

“ [With Prometheus Scheduler and ERP Advanced], BTP  is now planning forty times faster and has 80% more time to schedule future and preventive maintenance.”

Simplify SAP PM to Control Costs and Increase Productivity

Simplify SAP PM to Control Costs and Increase Productivity

Learn how your company can increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve reporting within your existing SAP system.

Best Practices for Planners and Schedulers

Best Practices for Planners and Schedulers

Learn five key best practices for planners and schedulers to help keep productivity and efficiency high, thus saving time and money.

Increase Wrench Time with an SAP Certified Plant Maintenance Solution

Increase Wrench Time with an SAP Certified Plant Maintenance Solution

Learn how to improve wrench time and optimize your maintenance and manufacturing operations by streamlining your organization’s planning and scheduling processes.

The Anchor of Asset Mangement

The Anchor of Asset Management

Learn how your organization can reach the pinnacle of asset management through enhanced communication and visibility and process improvement.

Customer Partnerships

In the world of asset management, strong partnerships increase competitiveness. We work with our customers to continually meet their needs and improve the products they use every day.