Prometheus Group’s Capital Project & Portfolio Management tools create full visibility and improves consistency across departments on your long-term projects while bringing the approval process and associated deliverables to a central point of access. From ideation, to work breakdown structure (WBS) buildout, to project approval and execution, all sections of Prometheus Project & Portfolio Management give you access to the project management organization phases and project deliverable statuses. Capture all your project information in one easy-to-access location.

The Co-Console and Weld-Console modules ensures safety, technical integrity, and timely certification of capital-intensive projects in an organized and auditable manner. By putting a focus on construction sites, shops, and yards, the software enables project managers, completion and commissioning teams, quality analysis (QA) and quality control (QC) managers, inspectors, foremen, information managers, document controllers, and maintenance managers to execute their jobs professionally and efficiently. Automation and digitalization of construction and fabrication projects results in more efficiency, fewer errors, improved quality, and saving of man-hours.

Large construction projects in the industry and infrastructure are complex, require high investments and come with considerable financial and safety risks. Major challenges are in-time delivery and prevention of failure cost. There is a methodology to reduce the risk of late delivery and increase safety: project completion. Project completion defines, executes and records essential activities to prove contractual obligations, technical integrity and safety while pushing for the critical path and milestone dates. Build, commission, energize and maintain challenging projects efficiently.

Manage project data, project work breakdown structures, user management, system behavior, and template documents (mobile/paper check-sheets, certificates, documents, and drawings). Accessible through the web or on-premises.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Use smart forms and digital drawings for inspection, commissioning, punching, and preservation. Easily access the system offline and online with Android, iOS, or Windows 10.

Doc Console


Scrape and validate tags from drawings. Create and maintain tag/document relationships with your own document server. Digitally define and maintain subsystems and pipe test packages on key drawings in your own document server and organize Co-Console tag data accordingly.



Integrate with your document management server to access documents on tablets and in Co-Console Foundation. Connect your own ERP, EAM, or CMMS dashboard solution to integrate your design and maintenance solutions. Once integrated, exchange data securely and reliably across your systems.


Reporting & Expediting

Benefit from the out-of-the-box report suite, report designers, and web-based dashboards. The report scheduler takes care of automated reporting and expediting.

Co-Console Benefits

Streamline project

Streamline project approval process between departments while maintaining strict controls

Capture key project

Capture key project deliverables in a consistent format


Define step-by-step project breakdown structures

Gain visibility

Gain visibility to projects throughout your company

Avoid inaccurate

Avoid inaccurate budgets, estimates, forecasts, deadlines, and reporting between teams

Use mobile devices

Use mobile devices to complete inspection and commission work, create transparency, and provide real-time status across multiple yards.

Fully integrate

Fully integrate with your ERP, EAM, and CMMS

Visualize KPIs

Visualize KPIs with a dynamic analytic dashboard add-on.

Weld-Console turns welding projects into simple daily instructions and validates and ensures that projects comply with contract and law. A comprehensive solution, serving many project stakeholders to work integrated, efficiently, transparently and with higher quality. Weld-Console interfaces with engineers and sub-contractors on site as well as shops to maintain project overview and control. Update status of joints, spools, and isometrics to stages such as "ready for hydro" or "pipe complete" to bring them through each step of bolting, welding, examination, and documentation.

Weld-Console Benefits

Maximize quality

Maximize quality and
reduce errors, minimizing
administrative/management cost

Increase control

Increase control, compliance, technical integrity, and easy system handover

Mobile applications

Mobile applications for real-time information and efficiency


Configurable to suit both straightforward and complex
work processes


Validate and ensure that projects comply with federal and corporate regulations.


Allows for documentation upload as well as producing digital documents throughout the project cycle.

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