Prometheus Construction & Commissioning Management solutions are designed to help you manage all aspects of your capital project management. Whether you are an owner operator or an EPC, you can utilize solutions like Construction Management (CM), Co-Console, Weld-Console, and Doc-Console to manage your project from a centralized system.  

The Prometheus Construction & Commissioning Management solutions enable you to streamline processes such as portfolio management, commissioning, welding inspection, and handover management, ensuring projects are completed on time.  

Check out any of our four capital project managment solutions:

Construction Management

Is your portfolio management process disparate and time-consuming, requiring you to hunt down spreadsheets and project updates from project supervisors?

You can easily manage your portfolio of projects in a centralized system with CM. With CM, your team can submit project ideas, view project status, forecast project budgets, evaluate project risks, update project information, and more.

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Commissioning Management (Co-Console)

Do you have a manual commissioning, completions, and handover process that you want to increase the efficiency and visibility of?

Co-Console is a solution built to streamline the commissioning process and provide you with one single source of truth as you perform inspections. Manage multiple projects from the system to stay up to date on real-time statuses across yards.  

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Weld Management (Weld-Console)

Are your welding projects massive, requiring hundreds of thousands to millions of welds to be completed and tested?

Weld-Console enables you to turn complex welding projects into simple daily instructions, to ensure every weld is completed, verified, tested, and packaged for welding project turnover. Keep project subcontractors and stakeholders up to date with automated notifications and reports.

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Document Management (Doc-Console)

Doc-Console (a Co-Console add-on) integrates design documents in existing document servers with tag numbers in Co-Console.

Doc-Console allows viewing, printing and analyzing the available and required documents based on construction, commissioning, and start-up requirements. Doc-Console unlocks the latest drawings for efficient use at the site, and adds great value to your current document server. 

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Enhanced visibility into capital project progress.


Increased capital project timeline adherence.

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Improved communication surrounding project phases.

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Automated reporting and notification capabilities.

Increase Revenue and Decrease Costs

Decreased unnecessary and unexpected costs.

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Increased data accuracy and tracking.

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