Mining and Metals

Mining & Metals

Enterprise Asset Management for Mining and Metals

The mining and metals industry is heavily regulated, with a large focus on safety, environmental impact, and social responsibility. Any conflict within these grounds can threaten the status of a mining company's license to operate.

Mine sites operate in some of the most remote locations in the world, presenting unique challenges in maintenance management, from long delays of maintenance work to the months it can take for parts to arrive on site.

The Prometheus Platform enterprise asset management (EAM) suite was designed to streamline your maintenance and reduce your costs


Issues EAM Software Can Solve for Mining and Metals

With high operational costs, expensive downtime, and heavy equipment, a robust maintenance program is paramount for the safe and profitable operation of a mining and metals organization. Challenges maintenance teams face include:

  • Remote locations that are difficult to travel to and may pose safety risks

  • A mix of fixed and mobile assets that require different maintenance strategies

  • Diverse and specialized equipment with varying maintenance processes

  • Strict operations and regulatory requirements to maintain an operating license

Mining operation in a cave

Prometheus Group Customer Success Stories

“You don’t have to use wildcards. You don’t have to get your search terms in the exact right order, or the perfect wording. Material Shopping Cart saves you time and frustration by consolidating SAP searches into one function. It’s about as close to a Google search as you can get.”
Kris Halland Senior Maintenance Planner, Cameco Corporation
“The challenge we face is that our customers' equipment is operating at the bottom of a mine where there is limited, if any, connectivity to our ERP system. Having the ability to work in disconnected mode in Mobility was very important and the ability to search and find equipment information offline is equally important. When you look at the identification side of things, we’re getting better information inside of SAP with Prometheus Mobility.”
Mark Schmidt IT Applications Manager, Joy Global
“It can be time-consuming to do tasks such as entering selection criteria for variants, but now we can do that in just one click. Or, for example, scheduling 200 work orders. Where that used to take 20 minutes, now with the mass change function, I can do that in under 30 seconds. And all these small time savings add up to a lot of hours re-gained that we can spend more productively.”
Kris Halland Senior Maintenance Planner, Cameco Corporation

Integration Capabilities

The Prometheus Platform integrates core enterprise resource planning (ERP), EAM, and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) solutions including SAP, IBM Maximo, Oracle, and JD Edwards. This enables organizations to streamline and improve processes all while maintaining a single source of truth.

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The unique challenges of asset management in the mining and metals sector demand adept handling. Learn how the Prometheus Platform streamlines and integrates processes for a more efficient approach.