Do you want to decrease costs through improved master data accuracy and streamline your master data management? Our Master Data solution uses technology (not expensive consultants) to provide a standardized taxonomy, with all cleansing and sustainment being done as a subscription service. 

With Prometheus MDaaS, we’re able to collect, optimize, and organize data across the organization within one standardized system, significantly improving maintenance and reliability. Relying on a team of consultants to update an organization's master data every few years is not only costly to the company, but time-consuming as well. Instead of having multiple services and an army of consultants to manage your data and data analysis, we bring it all under one roof, drastically cutting down on costs, time, and resources needed to maintain Master Data sustainment projects. 

Field Data Collection

Utilize the power of a cloud-based system through your mobile device. Perform field walkdowns to capture and collect asset information with the MDaaS Capture application. 

  • Gather missing asset information from the field to build out your records and create a complete digital record of each of your assets.
  • Quickly and easily gather asset data from even the most worn-out, dirty, or rusty nameplates, tags, and labels.
  • Harness the power of machine learning, image recognition, and optical character recognition to identify equipment, material class, and required ISO 14224 characteristics. 
Capture - Equipment Mockup (without overlay)

Data Standardization

MDaaS Enrich is an AI machine learning-based solution designed to improve your master data. The Enrich process is internally managed by Prometheus Group to provide you with complete records, without requiring any work on your end. 

  • MDaaS Enrich leverages machine-learning algorithms to make your asset master data consistent, up-to-date, and accurate across your organization.
  • MDaaS Enrich can create complete records by taking minimal information about materials and equipment, then cross reference it with a database to add additional information, such as manufacturing name, part number, URL, structured short and long descriptions, characteristics, values, and UNSPSC or ISO 14224 codes.
  • MDaaS Enrich identifies duplicate records and obsolete inventory within your system of record, consolidates data, and eliminates duplicate information.
  • Once your data is cleansed and enriched, MDaaS Enrich sorts your data into consistent, organized classes according to industry-specific taxonomies.   
Enrich - View of PG Enricher Buidling a Record Mockup

Governance Workflows

Sustain provides a system that allows you to check, update, load, and audit all of your master data. MDaaS Sustain helps govern your master data to prevent duplicates and maintain your master data quality standards. 

  • Search, view, and request changes to your master data.  
  • View live reports on the quality and the status of your master data.  
  • Search all your assets and materials based on class, sub-class, attribute, synonym, and value.  
Sustain Dash Main Master Data Dashboard Mockup

Data Migration

If you are changing ERP systems, merging ERP systems, transferring transactional data, or want to revamp your master data, MDaaS Migrate can help.  

  • Receive access to automatic naming convention of files, files tracking and versioning, access to all file versions, and changes to files tracked from one version to another.  
  • Users can map, transform, or freeze business rules. Validate and sign off directly in Workbench.
  • Integrate files with any ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool on the market.
  • Role-based control for master data governance, with access and visibility for records.  
Migrate Home Mockup


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Improve monitoring of stocked spare parts 

Reduce production outages caused by lack of critical spare parts and additional downtime due to stockout reduction. 

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Save time and money on cleansing projects

Standardize and cleanse master data without a series of costly consultants or an expensive and lengthy cleansing project.

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Lower costs on carrying excessive inventory

Reduce inventory carrying cost by eliminating the number of free text entries entered using a standardized taxonomy, cutting down on the number of materials ordered under multiple product names. 

Integrated Platform

Eliminate data or communication silos through an integrated master data software solution 

Integrate your master data database seamlessly with work maintenance systems, making data easily accessible and organized through intuitive approval workflows with set business rules.  

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Purchase materials at better rates 

Leverage corporate-negotiated rates for ordered materials that use the same naming conventions in your taxonomy as the manufacturer's database.

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Reduce errors when recording or transferring data 

Eliminate the need to manage or maintain any part of the data management process, reducing potential errors. All data is integrated with your ERP, CMMS, IIoT, or EAM. 

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Full team of data scientists at Prometheus Group 

Reduce the burden on your internal resources, as our internal team of functional consultants and data scientists takes on the bulk of the cleansing and enrichment effort. 

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Leverage camera on mobile device to capture data 

Workers can take pictures of equipment, capture data and serial numbers (UDCPI) from images, and complete independent walkdowns on-site. 

Items in a Standardized Taxonomy

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Long and short descriptions

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Translation of naming conventions

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Classes and characteristics

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Noun/modifier dictionary

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Object part, damage, cause, and activity codes

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Catalog profiles

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Equipment master

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Task lists

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Bill of materials

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Assets List

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Material records

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Functional locations

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Equipment location

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Work centers

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Maintenance plans

Evaluation Resources


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