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Master Data

Prometheus Platform Master Data Solutions

Master data is the foundation of every ERP, EAM, and CMMS and the framework of every asset management strategy. Even in the best organizations, over time, the original master data becomes “dirty” with duplicate materials and old records for assets that have been removed from the plant. 

To overcome this, organizations typically go through an expensive project to cleanse this “dirty data” and then attempt to implement a sustainment program that ultimately fails. Duplicate and outdated records creep back into the data and the vicious, expensive cycle of cleanse and sustain starts over again.

Introducing Our New Master Data as a Service (MDaaS) Offering: A Radical Shift in Master Data Governance

Prometheus Master Data as a Service is changing the way companies are solving Master Data challenges. The typical approach for cleansing and sustaining master data has proven itself as a short-term solution to an ongoing challenge. To resolve these issues, Prometheus MDaaS provides standardized taxonomy, with all cleansing and sustainment being done as a subscription service. This guarantees that your master data is always clean and organized. 

Features of MDaaS

Benefit from being part of the Prometheus aggregate database
Standardize and simplify the creation of functional locations, assets, and material records
Standardize taxonomy across your organization
Proactively clean and organize master data records
Automated sustainment workflow

Key Benefits of MDaaS

Better record accuracy
Overall reduction in stockpiled spare parts
Reduction in carrying costs of excess spare parts
Improved reliability-centered maintenance (RCM)
Employees save time by finding the right information the first time
Reallocate internal resources

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