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Shutdown, Turnaround, & Outage

Prometheus Platform Plant Shutdown, Turnaround, & Outage Management (STO) Software

Overview of STO Products

STO Planner provides a web-based command center to unify and integrate your various systems to optimize your STOs end-to-end. Maxavera provides plug-and-play integration between any ERP, EAM, CMMS, or EHS system. Syntempo integrates and extends your existing systems to create a single, unified command-and-control center for managing your TAR/Outages. Roser Consys integrates scoping, work preparation, scheduling, safeguarding, safety, work permits, shut and start-up, and execution workflows into a holistic suite of solutions.

Roser ConSys is now part of Prometheus Shutdown, Turnaround & Outage. Learn More.
WorkTech is now part of Prometheus Shutdown, Turnaround & Outage. Learn More.

STO Planner

Are you using multiple systems to support the complex requirements of your Shutdowns,Turnarounds, and Outages (STOs)? To improve coordination, communication, efficiency, and accountability, STO Planner provides a web-based, single command center to unify and integrate your various systems to optimize your STOs end-to-end.

As part of the integrated, scalable Prometheus platform, STO Planner connects your STO processes to your overall asset management solution.

Key Benefits

One platform web-based solution to integrate all other systems
Fast, reliable digital approvals and status updates
Configurable user management, simplified system ideal for short-term contractors
Leverage data from ERP
Real-time progress updates collected in the field
Improve accountability for scope management
Increased schedule alignment and adoption
Reduction of reactive work and increase of preventative work
Increased user adoption with simplified user interactions


Scope Management - Robust, configurable approval for generating and managing STO scope. Integrates with your ERP system to convert routine work into STO work.
Planning Progress Tracking - Transform your turnaround planning from “gut feeling” to data-driven. Know that your plant is ready for your upcoming STO.
Materials Management - Request, approve, and track materials for your STO. Integrates with your ERP system to provide real-time statuses.
Inspection Planning and Execution - Prepare for inspection jobs and be ready to handle “discovered” work.
QA/QC Packages - Minimize production system downtime by building and tracking QA/QC package completion.
Work Execution with Syntempo - Allow contractors to update and progress your STO schedule from contractor access to maintain data integrity.
Role-Based Access: Employees and contractors with different roles have access to only the appropriate data for data control and ease of use.


Integrate Maintenance, Operations, Projects, and Safety

Maxavera provides integration between multiple ERP, EAM, CMMS, and EHS systems. It intelligently transfers all necessary information such as work orders, operations/tasks, work centers, personnel, equipment, location details, permits, and any other information to be shared between the software applications. Maxavera has preconfigured integration packs for common integration scenarios, but has the flexibility to integrate nearly every software available, including homegrown solutions.


Industry-Leading Functionality - Maxavera comes with hundreds of pre-mapped fields and transformation logic between popular EAM, ERP, and CMMS software applications.
Certified Integration - All integration solutions leverage the Maxavera Connector Studio (MCS) product when it comes to moving data in and out of the databases.

MCS was first certified by SAP in 1998 and has processed billions of transactions since. It is among the most proven integration technologies in the industry, and with additional product certifications added, it ensures future compatibility with new software releases.
Open Standards - Maxavera does not lock you into complex, expensive, proprietary middleware platforms and provides an end-to-end solution for your integration needs. Maxavera is open standards-based and will run on any J2EE compliant application server platform including Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic and IBM WebSphere.

You are free to choose the platform that is right for your enterprise— and protected if you change your mind in the future.
Version Freedom - Maxavera utilizes a loose coupling architecture. This makes Maxavera independent from either side of the integration equation which eliminates the risk of version incompatibilities.

With Maxavera you can mix and match versions as your business requires and feel free to upgrade your systems independently without the risk of "breaking" your integration.


Intelligent integration hub that supports seamless communication for planning, scheduling, work management systems, and financial information
Bi-directional, high performance integration support for any software
Create a best-of-breed solution for maintenance, STOs, operations, and projects
Increase data accuracy by eliminating duplicate manual data entry
Fast data transfer speeds using proprietary technology
Improve communication and visibility
Supports custom field requirements
Users are able to run their own web-based user consoles, or they can schedule jobs to run automatically.


Syntempo is a state-of-the-art solution that integrates and extends your existing systems to create a single, unified command-and-control center for managing your TAR/Outages. Get more visibility and control than you ever thought was possible. It takes multiple systems to support the complex requirements of a major TAR/Outage.

Use Cases

Refueling Outages - Refueling outages are complex, very fast-moving projects. Communication and coordination between and among your team is absolutely critical to outage execution performance.

Syntempo is the industry’s first outage execution management system. It puts your team back in control and gives them the opportunity to measurably improve outage performance and reduce costs. It streamlines business processes and delivers actionable information to the fingertips of the people that need it, even before they know they need it.
Unplanned Outages - Similar to a refueling outage, restoring your station to a production mode after an unplanned outage is a very fast moving, short-fused “project”. It requires exceptional communication and coordination among all parties and resources involved in the execution of work.

Syntempo streamlines and optimizes restoration work the same way it does for refueling projects. It provides an exceptional communication and coordination framework that enables teams to execute together with greater efficiency and accuracy. The result is a better, faster and more reliable method of restoring your systems and getting your station back to Mode 1.
Capital Projects - Just as it is used to streamline and optimize refueling outage project execution, Syntempo’s advanced communication, progress collection, schedule analysis, and resource coordination features can substantially improve the execution performance of any sufficiently complex project.

Syntempo provides an easy to use, standardized approach to extending project schedules to the parties involved in your project, collecting progress information, and communicating progress and problems to the right people throughout the project management structure.

Key Benefits

Unified Outage Management System - Integrates all work order, schedule, clearance and RP data into a single unified view accessible to all members of your outage team from anywhere.
Simplified Progress Collection - Outage staff can make progress updates in a few seconds from any computer or connected device. No more waiting on paperwork or meetings to know what is happening in the field.
Real-Time Outage Schedule - Puts information in the hands of decision makers by providing a live interactive schedule that reflects job progress, delays and problems from the field in near real-time.
Automated Progress Collection - Continuously looks at the schedule looking for jobs that require progress updates based on various criteria and follows up with job owners to collect updates.
Automated Schedule Analysis - Performs continuous real-time schedule monitoring and analysis looking for both risks to the schedule and opportunities to pull work forward.
Automated Job Alerts - Enables users to flag specific jobs that they would like to be kept apprised of. As feedback comes in from the field and the status of these jobs changes the user is automatically notified of the condition change.
Shop and Ops Monitors - Monitors provide the maintenance and ops work control areas with real-time visibility to jobs that are delayed or ready-to-work by their department in the current and next shift windows.
OCC Mission Control Monitors - Projects information to wall-mounted screens in the OCC increasing visibility to the health of various areas of the outage, identifying both problems and opportunities.
Mobile Progress Collection - Collects progress updates directly from the field, performs an instant analysis, and notifies supervisors, schedulers and OCC management as needed.
Multi-System Data Integration - Integrates concurrently with all major systems involved in nuclear outage management including Ventyx Asset Suite, SAP, Maximo, Primavera, Ventyx eSOMS and others.
Dashboards and Reports - Get all of your outage management reports, KPI’s and dashboard views directly out of Syntempo.


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