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Planning & Scheduling

Prepare, execute, and track maintenance planning and scheduling strategy

Planning & Scheduling

Prepare, execute, and track maintenance planning and scheduling strategy

The Prometheus Planning & Scheduling module is a core part of the Prometheus Platform. Designed as a web-based, graphical planning and scheduling tool to assist maintenance teams with work order management, it has since expanded its suite of maintenance management software solutions to include preventive maintenance, inventory and materials management, and shutdown, turnaround, and outage scheduling (STO). It's an out-of-the-box solution that streamlines and enhances maintenance processes with applications that fully integrate with your ERP, EAM, or CMMS such as SAP, Oracle, and IBM Maximo. Organizations can maintain a single source of truth for data while providing complete mobility to its workforce.

The user interface and experience of the Planning & Scheduling solution were designed with the end-user in mind. Browser-based features, intuitive functions, and the ability to use our solution on any device ensures that users can can still maximize productivity on and off-site. Use Prometheus Planning & Scheduling to develop a more responsive and proactive maintenance strategy for your organization.

Prometheus Planning & Scheduling for SAP provides organizations working within an SAP environment with the EAM maintenance software tools and resources needed to support planners and schedulers with work order planning and execution. It fully integrates with your system of record to keep a single source of truth for your data. A graphical scheduler, shortcuts to saved searches, quicker and more effective work packages, and planning enhancements maximize your planners’ and schedulers’ efficiency and effectiveness on the job and leads to a stronger preventive maintenance program.


Easily standardize your process and configure the user interface to only include the buttons and forms pertinent to a specific role or user.
  • Set permissions to view another user's Navigator in the event that a different technician or team need to take on additional work.
  • Create easy-to-use dashboards and workflows in a single screen that connects with SAP in real time.
  • Switch between screen layouts easily.
  • Save default screen for each user.
  • Interactive quick-lists allow you to quickly and easily view targeted data with the ability to drill in to individual records or reports.
  • Gain graphical insight on metrics at a glance.
  • Quickly link to any business application utilized.


Take control of your planned work with a user-friendly graphical scheduler.
  • Drag and drop functionality with graphical Gantt chart scheduler.
  • Leverage mass change functions.
  • Utilize auto-leveler when viewing schedule.
  • Real-time sync with SAP.
  • Follow straightforward steps to assign tasks to a team or team members.
  • Compare maintenance schedule with production availability to ensure both departments are aligned.
  • Perform many other value-added scheduling functions against a schedule with live feedback for capacity consumption and tool/equipment usage.

Order Planner

Order planner moves you from the built-in graphical user interface in SAP to the web-based interface of the Prometheus Platform to view and plan work orders.
  • Optimized and simplified user interface (UI) keeps only the most relevant pieces of information to the user when completing a job or task.
  • Work order management system for planning, editing, and creating work orders provides full transparency into maintenance and operations workflows.
  • Access to additional planning enhancements and tools to better support your maintenance strategy.

Work Package Manager

A work order system that quickly compiles all documents required to complete a work order for teams to access on or off-site.
  • Select/deselect/auto-select documents to be printed in the work package.
  • Ability to select a mobile delivery option.
  • Include digital signatures and custom watermarks.
  • Auto-collate documents and packages as one PDF or print job.
  • Generated work packages individually or in bulk.
  • Automatic consolidation of all documents eligible for print.

Order to Task List & BOM

Strengthen your work order process by building work templates, and keeping your equipment maintenance data up to date.
  • Reduce free-text spending.
  • Copy planned work order to task list templates.
  • Retroactively update BOMs to maintain accuracy and consistency.
  • Streamline and template work order information to provide an easy transfer of knowledge between workers.

Warranty Tracker

Submit successful warranty claims that contribute hard dollar savings directly to your bottom line.
  • Recover or avoid maintenance costs by ensuring that in-warranty repairs are reimbursed.
  • Achieve budget targets for maintenance with improved visibility and tracking.
  • Increase uptime, improve equipment design, and strengthen supplier relationships.
  • Automatically flag work orders that are under warranty and review and submit claims.
  • Track and identify resources by item or asset level, then monitor activity through the warranty expiration date.

Material Shopping Cart

Save time finding parts and reduce free text spending with advanced multi-word, multi-field search.
  • Save time finding parts and reduce free text spending.
  • View material or supply prices and availability before selecting.
  • Retrieve material master numbers through an advanced multi-word, any-order search.
  • Search for line items based on multiple criteria including long text descriptions and characteristics.

Available SAP

Material Availability
Coordinator (MAC)

Bridge the gap between maintenance, procurement, and the warehouse by aggregating the status of all materials and automatically apply status updates.

Functionality (XF)

Take scheduling to the next level with simulation mode, real-time reports, work progression, and progress tracking.

Preventive Maintenance Manager (PMM)

Make better decisions around scheduling by migrating preventive maintenance plans and routine maintenance work orders onto one scheduling board.

Shutdowns, Turnarounds,
& Outages (STO)

Schedule shutdowns, turnarounds, outages, and other capital projects directly into SAP and onto one scheduling board using advanced scheduling add-ons.


Successful warranty claims contribute hard dollar savings directly to your bottom line.


Take true control of your budget with a solution designed for asset and maintenance management.

Prometheus Planning & Scheduling for Maximo (AKWIRE) offers an out-of-the-box solution that streamlines maintenance processes, manages internal work order system, and increases the functionality of your Maximo work order system. The solution includes tools to improve and enhance every stage of the maintenance workflow, all while keeping a single source of truth within Maximo.

Made up of four core modules, organizations working within a Maximo environment gain increased visibility into the maintenance planning and execution process. This includes tools to manage daily and weekly routine or preventive maintenance, resource availability, job plan refinement, time capture, and shutdowns, turnarounds, or outages within IBM Maximo.


Comprehensive planning and scheduling tool in an easy-to-use graphical format. vScheduler will not interfere with Maximo performance regardless of data set size.
  • One-click scheduling, assigning and filtering
  • Intuitive interface to handle calendar exceptions and shift/crew schedules
  • Schedule and assign resources within the same screen
  • Forecast PMs far into the future so you can preview and plan for your PM workload in advance
  • Ability to save unlimited number of layouts regardless of number of users


Provides a simple graphical user interface that allows teams to view labor, craft, and crew calendars and modify their availability with a single click. Easily maintain and adjust calendars with maintenance and operation team schedules.
  • Display labor lists based on crew, individual, or any other custom grouping within Maximo
  • Edit a technician's shift, calendar, supervisor, crew, and availability ratio on a user friendly interface
  • Quickly assess how changes in resource availability, such as vacation and training, will impact unscheduled work order jobs
  • Simultaneously enter exceptions for multiple individuals and for multiple days or weeks
  • Supports your Maximo custom reason codes


Work order scheduling tool that provides a configurable, detailed view of Maximo Job Plan. This allow teams to quickly determine where duration and timing changes would increase the accuracy of scheduling activities.
  • Update multiple job plans at one time instead of updating record by record.
  • Single click status updates
  • Create a job plan from the work plan and make immediate modifications
  • Powerful sorting and filtering of data
  • Quickly and easily update job plans based on planned vs. actual work completion rates
  • Increase your planning and scheduling accuracy by ensuring your job plans utilize accurate durations


Time entry tool that allows maintenance teams to: view time entries; planned vs. actual hours; scheduled (assigned) vs. actual hours; and more. Teams can also modify records where deviations exist.
  • Quickly navigate to a desired work date with minimal clicks.
  • View and enter time by crew, craft, or any other custom grouping in calendar view.
  • Powerful sorting and filtering of your data.
  • View daily total hours by labor or by work order.
  • Change work order status.
  • Access to role-based time approval capabilities.

Budget Management

Take true control of your budget with a solution designed for asset and maintenance management.
  • Integrates with your financial system, making it easy to track maintenance spend
  • Approval workflow ensures budgets are only finalized when fully vetted and approved
  • Build budgets with zero-based forecasts, what-if scenarios, or historic actuals
  • Adjust work plans as needed based on budget realities and create transparency
  • Improve asset utilization by ensuring critical assets have appropriate budget allocation
  • Justify budgets based on the latest maintenance plans and forecasts in real time

Warranty Tracker

Submit successful warranty claims that contribute hard dollar savings directly to your bottom line.
  • Recover or avoid maintenance costs by ensuring that in-warranty repairs are reimbursed.
  • Achieve budget targets for maintenance with improved visibility and tracking.
  • Increase uptime, improve equipment design, and strengthen supplier relationships.
  • Automatically flag work orders that are under warranty and review and submit claims.
  • Track and identify resources by item or asset level, then monitor activity through the warranty expiration date.

Prometheus Planning & Scheduling for Oracle takes an asset-centric approach to planning and scheduling. Built for Oracle maintenance management, the solution focuses on asset criticality, urgency, and preventive maintenance schedule compliance to maximize production uptime and optimize asset performance.

With seamless integration into the Oracle system, Oracle maintenance scheduling software ensures Oracle eAM as the single source of truth. Prometheus Planning & Scheduling leverages features like drag-and-drop, snap-to-grid, multi-select, and dynamic filtering tool to create a powerful, easy-to-use solution, increasing the rate of user adoption.


A comprehensive Oracle maintenance management scheduler featuring an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Scheduler can quickly sort work orders and requests into meaningful sets using powerful filters and tools as well as perform bulk edits.
  • Schedule at any of the header or operation levels.
  • Staged environment allows users to evaluate the impact of their scheduling decisions using real-time, user configurable KPIs before posting to Oracle.
  • Filter incomplete work orders from the process, improving execution and performance.
  • Group resources from Oracle into logical working units and manage crews the way they work best in your environment.
  • Allow users to view and analyze resource utilization either daily or up to a month in advance with multi-filtering capabilities.

Supervisor’s Worksheet & My Schedule

The Supervisor’s Worksheet provides powerful capabilities to view and edit crew schedules, reallocate work, roll work over, or send it back for rescheduling to balance loads.
  • Supervisor can search the “Ready” backlog for break-in work and publish crew schedules as needed through the export function.
  • Provide crafts and technicians access to time entry tool.
  • Review past work performance using the integrated KPIs.
  • All time entries are submitted for review and approval prior to posting to Oracle.

KPI Center and Dashboard

All KPIs, including maintenance KPIs, are configurable to the user and role, ensuring that everyone sees the information most important to them.
  • View dynamic, graphic representations of important metrics used to optimize maintenance efficiency.
  • Configure KPIs to provide necessary feedback to improve compliance with existing processes.
  • Get an expanded view of KPIs, allowing users to see eight KPIs at once, instead of the typical four presented within the standard modules.


Increase overall workforce efficiency by using a graphical interface in order to simplify resource loading.
  • Provides accurate measurements of organization and resource loading while planning and scheduling maintenance activity.
  • Fully configurable to reflect the crews and relative hours of availability of your specific environment.

Security, Configuration, & Adoption Metrics

Give administration team complete control over access to information, configurable features to fit the need of the organization, and unprecedented insight into user buy-in and adoption of process improvements.
  • Teams have the ability to manage roles, manage users, and restrictions. Certain roles can be granted access to security permissions. Through Oracle eAM, these roles are then applied to users.
  • Define role-level functionality within the application for situations where your process identifies the need to restrict access.
  • Give administrators the ability to manage several different settings, including the option to edit language files quickly and modify which work order status appear in specific modules.
  • Provide your administration team visibility into important metrics, sharing information such as usage metrics (logins and edits by users), performance metrics (posts, break-ins, or work orders), and a summary view.

Work Order Completion

Robust work order system that allows users to complete and un-complete non-rebuildable and rebuildable work orders. The completion or non-completion process can be accomplished against one, some, or all selected work orders.
  • Users can record information such as status, start date and durations of shutdowns, reconciliation codes, failure dates, and failure, cause, and resolution values.
  • Ability to view incomplete work orders from within the system.
  • Enter meter readings and inspection results.
  • Perform functions directly from the hierarchy.
  • Create production work requests.

Key Benefits

As a work order and scheduling software tool, Prometheus Routine Maintenance guides, supports, and upholds your routine, preventive, and corrective maintenance strategy. Save time, reduce costly errors, and empower your team to work together to optimize and streamline the plant maintenance lifecycle with our dynamic planning and scheduling tool.

Integration with all
solutions on the Platform

Data in this module not only integrates with an organization's system of truth but also with the other modules on the Prometheus Platform ensuring data is accessible and accurate.

Graphically view and
schedule work order data

User-friendly Gantt chart to schedule, adjust, update, and review work orders with the ability to easily drag and drop

Intuitive user interface and experience with modern web design

Our modern and intuitive interface means less training is required to learn a new solution.

Maximize resource utilization
and wrench time

Maximize resource utilization and wrench time to increase overall worker productivity in the field

Increase schedule and
PM compliance

Reduce number of work orders moving into your preventive maintenance backlog by prioritizing schedules or resources to complete scheduled orders on time

Real-time updates from
system of record

Accurate, real-time updates to and from an organization's system of record ensure data integrity and accuracy, cutting back on the potential for costly or hazardous mistakes

Reduce work package
compilation and printing time

Technicians have direct access to work packages in the system which cuts down or eliminates the need for paper.

Increase schedule
alignment and adoption

Improve compliance and reduce preventive maintenance (PM) backlog and break-in work by optimizing the maintenance schedule by priority and due dates

Reduce reactive work and
increase preventive work

Quickly prioritize assets in most need of critical repair; track and monitor equipment history to better assess frequency of preventive maintenance work for non-critical assets.

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