Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

The Prometheus Platform provides asset-intensive companies with an easy-to-use, fully interconnected enterprise asset management system, which integrates into leading ERP, CMMS, and EAM providers like SAP, IBM Maximo, and Oracle. Our cloud-based solution provides a powerful user experience and end-to-end support throughout the enterprise asset management lifecycle.

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Nine interconnected modules to simplify and streamline your asset management

Eliminate information, data, and team silos by moving from point solutions to one, fully connected Enterprise Asset Management platform. Designed to support maintenance, operations, and safety teams in better managing their workflow and process, the Prometheus Platform is the leading Enterprise Asset Management software for companies in industries such as oil and gas, energy, and chemicals. Get your organization moving in the right direction with the Prometheus Platform.

Planning & Scheduling Planning & Scheduling

Planning &

Maintenance software with configurable tools designed to support all the core functions of maintenance planners and schedulers.

Environmental Health & Safety Environmental Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSOW) that enables and supports processes for an electronic permit to work, Lockout/Tagout (LOTO), risk assessment, and more.

Mobility Mobility Hover


Mobile asset management solution for iOS, Android, and Windows that connects maintenance technicians with your EAM, ERP, or CMMS.

Reporting & Analytics Reporting & Analytics

Reporting &

Track and record metrics like maintenance KPIs to uncover actionable insights gathered from real-time reporting.

Master Data Master Data

Master Data

Gather, cleanse, and standardize data from the Prometheus Platform and your EAM, ERP, or CMMS using Prometheus Master Data-as-a-Service.

Shutdown, Turnaround & Outage Shutdown, Turnaround & Outage

Turnaround & Outage (STO)

Manage every aspect of the shutdown, turnaround, or outage scoping, material preparation, work package planning, and execution with integration to your ERP system.

Contractor Management Contractor Management


Capture, validate, and manage your labor costs, predict fatigue risk, and optimize overtime equalization with real-time sync to SAP, Maximo, or Oracle.

Construction & Commissioning Management Project & Portfolio Management hover

Construction & Commissioning

Gain visibility into your capital projects and improve consistency across departments. Easily view stages and deadlines to keep your projects moving forward to completion.

APM Test (3) Hover APM Test (1)

Asset Performance

Monitor your enterprise assets to detect issues early on and resolve them quickly to improve asset reliability, decrease costs, and increase equipment uptime.

Prometheus Platform Benefits

Connect fragmented teams, processes, and projects across your entire organization with an EAM solution that allows for a better user experience.

Eliminate barriers

Eliminate barriers and information silos between departments

Mobile access to your system of truth through the Prometheus Platform offers user-friendly EAM tools to keep data accurate, work order information accessible, and your team moving on and off-site.

Minimize travel time

Minimize travel time and screen time with accessible applications

Point solutions aren’t connected to other software used by a plant or facility, leaving teams with little to no visibility into entire workflows or processes. This often affects their ability to complete their own tasks.

Consistent user experiences

Boost user adoption rates with consistent user experiences across all user groups/roles

Advanced ERP/CMMS systems are not always designed with multiple end-user experiences in mind. The Prometheus Platform takes a user-first mentality that makes it easy for various end-users to complete tasks quickly and easily.

Eliminate interdepartmental

Eliminate interdepartmental
information access issues

Cross-functionality of all the modules allow for data to easily integrate into any workflow within the platform, while the user remains in the appropriate solution for his/her role.

Offline accessibility streamlines

Offline accessibility streamlines work processes and improves productivity

Access workflows and data even while you are offline. Offline submissions are automatically synced (without a manual push) to your ERP/CMMS when network connectivity is restored.

Create consistency

Create consistency with a configurable user interface using the Admin Panel

The intuitive admin panel for the Prometheus Platform empowers appropriate users to make configuration changes, promote required and necessary fields, and hide unnecessary fields for a simplified, dynamic end-user experience.

Improve data integrity

Improve data integrity with real-time updates flowing to and from your ERP, EAM, or CMMS

Create a reliable and streamlined data flow with the Prometheus Platform. All the modules of the platform can be integrated and made cross-functional for teams and users.

Increase visibility

Increase visibility into workflow processes and cycles with an integrated solution

Fit the workflow to each end-user or job role, eliminating the need to have workers engage with form fields not applicable to their job.

Features of the Prometheus Platform

The Prometheus Platform operates in real-time, connecting teams working within each module to your ERP, EAM, or CMMS. Department workflows and processes are more visible to managing teams and crews, keeping everyone on the same page at each step.


Full integration of all asset management software into one cohesive and streamlined experience

Real-time connections between the Prometheus Platform and your ERP/CMMS systems eliminate informational silos, allow for the free flow of data between departments, and make interdepartmental data available to streamline communication.

Gain actionable insights

Access to actionable insights from effective reporting and analytics

Prometheus data analysts build and maintain charts to client requirements. Spend less time generating charts, and more time acting on the information and insight gained from the data.

Full integration

Full integration between all solutions and tools in the Prometheus Platform

All Prometheus Platform solutions have real-time, cross-communication with other Prometheus solutions, as well as your system of record, connecting every element of your asset management strategy.

Configurable solutions

Configurable solutions to meet varying department and organizational needs

The admin panel of the Prometheus Platform allows for intuitive user and app management. Individual, role-based, site-based, and organizational-based configurations are available to be made depending on requirements and business needs.


Out-of-the-box solutions for quick implementation and configuration

Prometheus Platform solutions are not an act of custom development work. They are out-of-the-box solutions that allow for quick implementations and full configurability to meet your business needs.

Empower users

Simplified user experience and user interface to empower users

The Prometheus Platform provides intuitive, modern solutions that allow users to make an impact with minimal training.

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Prometheus Platform FAQs

How is the Prometheus Platform different from other Enterprise Asset Management Software?

The Prometheus Platform differentiates itself from other Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software through several key features:

  • Fully Connected Platform: Unlike point solutions that operate in silos, the Prometheus Platform integrates multiple modules into one cohesive system, eliminating information and data silos. This interconnectedness supports better workflow and process management across maintenance, operations, and safety teams.
  • Nine Interconnected Modules: The Prometheus Platform includes nine specific solutions (Planning & Scheduling, Environmental Health & Safety, Mobility, Reporting & Analytics, Master Data, Shutdown, Turnaround, & Outage Management, Contractor Management, Construction & Commissioning Management, Asset Performance Management) that simplify and streamline asset management. These solutions are designed to address asset management needs across the asset management lifecycle to provide comprehensive management of enterprise assets.
  • Integration with Leading ERP, CMMS, and EAM Providers: The Prometheus Platform integrates seamlessly with leading providers like SAP, Oracle, and IBM Maximo, ensuring a powerful user experience and capabilities throughout the asset management lifecycle.
  • Cloud-Based Solution: Being cloud-based, the platform provides real-time connectivity, allowing for mobile access and offline capabilities, which minimize travel and screen time and improve productivity.
  • User-First Design: The platform is designed with a user-first mentality, offering consistent user experiences across all roles, which boosts user adoption rates. It features a configurable user interface using an intuitive admin panel that empowers users to make necessary configuration changes easily.
  • Real-Time Data Flow: The Prometheus Platform ensures real-time updates flowing to and from your ERP, EAM, or CMMS, enhancing data integrity and reliability.
  • Actionable Insights: The platform's reporting and analytics module allows users to track and record metrics, providing actionable insights from real-time reporting.
  • Offline Accessibility: Users can access workflows and data even while offline, automatically syncing updates when network connectivity is restored.
  • Out-of-the-Box Solutions: The Prometheus Platform offers quick implementation and full configurability without the need for custom development work, allowing businesses to meet their specific needs rapidly.
  • Empowered Users: Simplified user experience and interface reduce the need for extensive training, empowering users to perform tasks efficiently with minimal training.

These features collectively make the Prometheus Platform a comprehensive, user-friendly, and highly integrated EAM solution that stands out from other EAM software options.

What ERP/CMMS systems does the Prometheus Platform work with?

The Prometheus Platform is designed to integrate with various ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) systems to streamline processes and improve efficiency. Some of the ERP/CMMS systems that the Prometheus Platform integrates with include:

  • SAP
  • Oracle ERP Cloud
  • IBM Maximo
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Hexagon EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)

These integrations help organizations manage their assets, resources, and maintenance activities more effectively by connecting data and workflows across different systems.

How can I learn more about the Prometheus Platform?

We offer eLearning resources covering the Prometheus Enterprise Asset Management Platform. This includes interactive lessons and training guides. Our goal is to ensure that your team can make the most of our platform. The Prometheus Platform is your key to forming actionable strategies for resolving common maintenance and asset issues.

You can also Contact Us directly or request a demo to find out how the Prometheus Platform can help you streamline your asset management processes.


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