Higher Education and Research

Higher Education and Research

Enterprise Asset Management for Higher Education and Research

Higher education and research asset management tends to occur behind the scenes, but it’s an essential piece to keeping those facilities running.

Neglecting regular maintenance of university assets can diminish students' quality of life on campus and elevate safety risks, as oversight in areas such as building structures, electrical codes, and fire alarms may occur.

The Prometheus Platform enterprise asset management (EAM) suite is designed to help alleviate these issues for higher ed and research facilities, connecting processes and simplifying workflows with ease.

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Issues EAM Software Can Solve for Higher Education and Research

While school is in session, maintenance professionals must consider the operation of the university or research facility and how to fit maintenance into its schedule as seamlessly as possible. Other challenges higher education and research maintenance teams face include:

  • Short maintenance windows
  • Diverse assets with varying maintenance needs
  • Continuous expansion of campuses to meet growing needs
  • Supply chain shortages and delays



Prometheus Group Customer Success Stories

“[Prometheus Planning & Scheduling] speaks for itself. Once people start using it and they see how powerful and easy-to-use it is, they wonder how they ever lived without it. [It] has allowed us to have better dialogues and to get global buy-in throughout the university. Senior management has already seen the benefits. Now everyone is talking [about] Prometheus Scheduler. It’s the new buzzword for planning and scheduling. We're not just buying software. With Prometheus Scheduler, what we’re really getting is continuous improvement for our business processes, as well as a useful tool. ”
Jim Hatch Facilities Manager Cornell University

Integration Capabilities

To achieve seamless and efficient asset management, higher education and research organizations need one source of truth. The Prometheus Platform integrates with enterprise resource planning (ERP), EAM, and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) solutions like SAP, IBM Maximo, Oracle, and JD Edwards to make that possible.

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Explore the Prometheus Platform

Managing assets for higher education and research facilities requires a well-laid-out but flexible maintenance strategy. Learn how the Prometheus Suite can help you streamline and enforce your maintenance processes.