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We're Prometheus Group

Partners in Your Strategic Digital Transformation

Who We Are

We're Prometheus Group. What started as a one-man shop in 1998 has grown exponentially, because our mission has never wavered. We've always been – and always will be – committed to helping asset-intensive organizations and maintenance and operations professionals succeed with their asset maintenance strategies and processes.

Every solution we develop benefits from the knowledge of our diverse and knowledgeable team. We rely on the expertise of our asset management, reliability, and maintenance professionals who have decades of in-the-field experience. Our innovative developers and designers put that hands-on experience into every aspect of our cutting edge solutions. And our dedicated consultants and trainers are always there to understand the needs and goals specific to your team.

Introducing Prometheus Group

Where We Are

Today, our global team is located in offices on every continent, operating in multiple languages and helping to serve clients in virtually every industry from nuclear, oil and gas, chemicals/petrochemicals, utilities, power generation, food and beverage, facilities management and more. You'll also find us attending (and hosting) events around the globe.

Your Trusted Partners

We call ourselves trusted partners in your strategic digital transformation for a reason. The days of picking standalone solutions that silo your departments are rapidly becoming a thing of the past – because the lack of data visibility, communication, and streamlined workflows prevents organizations from remaining competitive.

Forward-thinking organizations know their future is integrated.

We'll help you get there. We are proud to be trusted by asset-intensive companies around the world.

Proud Member of WIRAM

Prometheus Group is a proud member of Women in Reliability and Asset Management (WIRAM). In this interview with WIRAM, Jessica Adams (Sales Director, Maximo at Prometheus Group), shares her inspiring story of women in our industry.