Military, Aerospace, and Defense

Enterprise Asset Management for Military, Aerospace, and Defense

When you oversee asset management in the military, aerospace, and defense space, you have three priorities: enhancing operational readiness, ensuring mission success, and maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of assets. A solid asset maintenance process is critical to meet those goals.

With the correct maintenance systems and procedures in place, like the Prometheus Platform enterprise asset management (EAM) suite, you can improve readiness to ensure that equipment and fleets are prepared for any mission.

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Issues EAM Software Can Solve for Military, Aerospace, and Defense

While military, aerospace, and defense maintenance managers have three top priorities, they also have numerous challenges working against them when managing a complex asset portfolio. Some top challenges include:

  • Impaired communication due to separate maintenance systems

  • Reduced common operating picture due to inconsistent tracking methods

  • Unsuccessful implementation of sustainable maintenance methods

  • Reduced access to universal intelligence due to outdated systems

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Prometheus Group Customer Success Stories

“Implementation of mobile work packages will improve work package quality, decrease work review cycle time, eliminate lost and missing work packages, and streamline/automate the closure of WPs providing significant benefits. We love the ability to create mobile forms — we have thousands of forms, so the ability to complete, route, and approve forms is huge for us. Prometheus resources were always solution-oriented. There wasn’t any ‘we can’t do that…’ it was always we can do that or we’ll figure out a solution. As a result, we were able to truly design the mobile solution to meet our needs and processes.”
Jerel Nelson Work Planning & Control Division Manager, Mission Support and Test Services

Integration Capabilities

To gain full visibility into your military, aerospace, and defense maintenance, operations, and engineering, you need connected enterprise asset management tools. The Prometheus Platform integrates with leading enterprise resource planning (ERP), EAM, and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) like SAP, IBM Maximo, Oracle, and JD Edwards.

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Managing assets for the military, aerospace, and defense industry requires maximizing reliability for diverse conditions. Find out how the Prometheus Platform can streamline your asset management processes.