Utilities and Power Generation

Utilities & Power Generation

Enterprise Asset Management for Utilities and Power Companies

Utilities and power generation companies make the world go round. Without utilities, regular daily life would come to a halt. This makes it even more crucial for these companies to have effective enterprise asset management (EAM) strategies.

That said, the utilities and power generation industry faces challenges with asset management due to widespread locations, diverse sites, and varying jurisdictional impacts on daily operations.

The Prometheus Platform helps solve for these challenges, enabling utilities and power companies to streamline work processes and improve productivity.

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Issues EAM Software Can Solve for Utilities and Power

Responsible for catering to a variety of customers, the utilities and power generation industry is subject to constant pressure to provide reliable services. Some challenges this industry faces are:

  • Old above-ground, underground, and grid infrastructures that need to be replaced

  • Changes in government regulation on safety and environmental impact

  • Redundant data entry in multiple data management systems

  • Unplanned outages and shutdowns caused by natural disasters

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Prometheus Group Customer Success Stories

“Prometheus Scheduler had every feature we wanted and some we hadn't even thought of yet. It used to take two to three minutes to edit one work order. Now, we can edit hundreds of them in just a couple of quick clicks. Prometheus Scheduler provides us with a clear view of the work orders in our backlogs, the good and not so good. It’s showing us very clearly where the junk is and where we need to clean up our backlog.”
Jim Martin Project Manager of Maintenance Improvement, DTE Energy
“Between Prometheus Group’s APM platform and the Remote Monitoring services, our benefits many times exceed the cost of the solution.”
Robert Hager Senior Mechanical Engineer, Great River Energy
“We had been running at almost 180 gallons per connection in daily nonrevenue water. As I look at it today, the last two weeks we’re averaging well below 100 gallons. If we didn’t have this software, we would have to compute everything feeding into us. Performance Analysis calculates the benefits for me instantly. The key for us is, instead of just going out to search for leaks indiscriminately, we want to be able to see which specific areas need the leak detection.”
Steve Green Director of Water Distribution, Kansas City BPU
“We’re able to monitor more sites, with more asset tags per site, with fewer people. By that metric alone, we now do ten times more work per hour using Prometheus APM than we did before.”
Brady Kirkwood Lead Monitoring & Diagnostics Engineer, EthosEnergy
“The notifications give the ability for any member of my team to evaluate discrepancies they wouldn’t usually see. The issue might not be generating an alarm in the DCS, but the notifications identify deviations that might require additional attention.”
Lyman Sutton Assistant Operations Manager, Prairie State Generating Company

Integration Capabilities

The Prometheus Platform integrates with core enterprise resource planning (ERP), EAM, and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), such as SAP, IBM Maximo, Oracle, and JD Edwards. This helps to connect processes and improve data accuracy in organizations’ systems of truth.

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Explore the Prometheus Platform

In the utilities and power space, consistent and effective utilities enterprise asset management is paramount to success. Discover how the Prometheus Platform streamlines and connects your processes to maximize efficiency.