Prometheus Environmental Health & Safety is an Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSOW) that enables teams to create and maintain a safer work environment. By integration with existing ERP, EAM, or CMMS (such as SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, and more) to deliver digital transformation for your control of work systems.

ePAS (Electronic Permit Administration System) is a web-based solution that supports and manages safe work permits, isolations/LOTO (Lockout Tagout), risk assessments, Job Hazard Analysis, and Operations and Maintenance interactivity. ePAS integrates with all of your work management processes and existing safety systems, and it works on any device, online or offline, allowing users to continue with their safe work processes no matter their connectivity status.

As a fully configurable ISSOW/Control of Work software solution, Operations and Maintenance teams are able to work on their individual tasks on their individual screens but stay completely connected at every step. This industry-leading system offers total flexibility by implementing exactly what you need in an ISSOW solution.

Electronic Permit to Work

Web-based electronic permit to work system that increases efficiency and accuracy by eliminating redundant, manual paper-based work.

  • Streamline workflow based on organizational procedure.
  • Gain full transparency into hazards and controls, including visibility into at-risk areas which highlight other issues in an adjacent location.
  • Configure field-specific phrase library.
  • Standardize PTW practices and ensure compliance according to your company's workflows and business rules.
  • Bring consistency to permitting practices with intelligent templating.
  • Fully auditable tracking of permit practices across multiple departments and sites.
  • Enhance communication between maintenance and operations.
Electronic Permit to Work

Lockout Tagout

Powerful isolation management and lockout tagout software functions include templating, cross-referencing, isolation point validation, and tag printing.

  • Full key safe and lock box management.
  • Import your own P&ID files to create interactive isolation plans by adding actions, rules, and isolation points.
  • Digital logbook system with shift logbook, shift handover, incidents, rounds, and more.
  • Incorporate a technician's lockout/tagout accessories.
  • Dynamic LOTO and isolations designed, templated and managed through an extensive library that evolves with your business.
  • Isolation tags and barcodes configured to your design.
Lockout Tagout

Risk Assessment

Standardize hazard identification and risk assessment through an electronic permit to work system to capture lessons learned and add a new level of visibility and safety to your worksite.

  • Create a safer work environment and reduce human error with HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment).
  • Capture, manage, and investigate incidents at the operational level from any location.
  • Assess process and job safety with audits, skills/competence, P&ID Isolation templates, and more.
  • Specify and design functional safety systems.
  • Boost visibility into hazards and controls.
  • Configure your industry-specific hazard and control library.
  • Develop clear processes around MoC with clear overview of change requests, configurable workflow and approval cycle, and real-time implementation tracking, including commercial and technical authorization.
  • Generate, update, and monitor Management of Change (MoC) records, control records processes, and MoC modifications.
Risk Assessment

GIS Integration

Through integration with Esri, teams can supply geo-spatial location data on an easy-to-view map, giving planners and schedulers the ability to prioritize work orders for maintenance technicians and operators.

  • Provides flexibility for several configurable map layers.
  • Add important work order logs for operations, maintenance, and other departments.
  • Better allocation of resources and time of technicians by providing more accurate location data of assets.
GIS Integration


Maintain compliance for organization logs and records in an easily accessible system.

  • Perform audits on safety documents.
  • Configurable workflow and questions.
  • Set and review assessment scoring for pass or fail.
  • Dashboard KPI for performance and deviations.

Management of Change

ePAS Management of Change (MOC) workflows adapt to change, embed risk management, and facilitate MOC actions. 

  • Create consistency and efficiency with intelligent workflow automation. 
  • Standardize change management practices for various change types.  
  • Integrate with your existing maintenance systems and the Prometheus Platform 
  • Enter information from the field in offline or online mode with the ePAS Mobile application.  
  • Integrate standard risk management libraries with change requests to mitigate risk of any potential changes. 
  • Quickly and easily print isolations tags.   
MOC Mockup
Process Safety Management 2023_Leader Light (002)

Prometheus Group Ranked as Leader in Process Management Software for 2023


Having a robust, comprehensive ISSOW system that serves as a digital workspace to support Operations, Maintenance, and Safety teams not only creates a safer environment but streamlines control of work, risk assessment and incident management, and compliant record keeping processes to keep teams on the same page.

Fully adaptable solution

Fully adaptable solution to fit into permitting and safety processes

Flexible and fully configurable to suit specific requirements. Seamlessly integrates into existing processes and saves hours of preparation time while enhancing plant communications.

AVoid Data Duplication

Increased visibility in to permitting approval, review, and management process

Make proactive decisions based on real-time visibility across all sites or locations

Work Package

Easily deployable across departments,
team, and workers

Organizations can strategically implement Environmental Health & Safety at a single site or carry out a full enterprise global roll-out.

Reactive work

Reduce reliance on
individual knowledge

User-friendly and configurable to roles makes software training simple and easy to follow

visibility 138

Configurable interface to fit workflows and roles of maintenance, operations, and safety

Simple interface that can be configured to provide a specific role or team permit access, approval permissions, and visibility into certain permit workflows.


Leverage powerful tools from an adaptable, scalable, and mobile-enabled ISSOW/permitting and isolations software. Consolidate workflows, enforce safety measures and compliance, and enhance collaboration between your safety, maintenance, and operations teams with real-time access to information.

Real time visibility

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility into e-permit to work system and instant reporting across all sites

Agile role based access

Agile role-based access

Fast and simple role-based user interface

Fully mobilized work environment

Fully mobilized work environment

Streamlined system with 24/7 access anywhere, from any device

EAM, ERP, or CMMS integration

EAM, ERP, or CMMS integration

Eliminate data and communication silos between systems and teams

Dynamic menus

Dynamic menus

View menus, dropdowns, and workflows that are responsive to changes based on input (current state of task, who is logged in, job risk level, etc.)

Advanced reporting

Advanced reporting

Instant reporting across all sites and platforms.

List views

List views

View configurable, color-coded list of active or pending permits, certifications, requests, and more

Cloud based system

Cloud-based system

Web-based access to data, records, and documentation means teams aren't tied to a localized drive or system

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