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Reporting and Analytics

Prometheus Platform Asset Performance Management Software

The Reporting & Analytics module quickly reveals actionable insights from real-time reports of company-wide curated metrics. These reports reveal crucial information to identify pain-points and drive improvement in your company’s asset management strategy. This module includes a dedicated Prometheus data analyst who is available to configure your reporting and assist with reporting strategy.

A robust data strategy gives insight into key commercial issues and performance questions.  The digitization of business interactions has made it possible to visualize and learn from data in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago. In addition, today’s advanced analytics capability continues to grow with developments in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. 

Prometheus Reporting and Analytics gives you a clearer understanding and greater confidence in seizing the new opportunities created by data analytics and big data.  It will accelerate your progress in developing new, improved products and services, and operating more efficiently and effectively.

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Our Enterprise APM Asset Tracking Tool Delivers

Standardized, intelligent insights across all Prometheus Products and your EAM/ERP/CMMS.

A team of data analysts who have experience across the globe developing maintenance KPI strategies.

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