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Reporting & Analytics

Prometheus Platform Maintenance & Operations BI Solution

The Prometheus Reporting & Analytics module delivers intuitive, role-based, scalable business intelligence across your plant or facility. Reporting & Analytics extracts real-time asset data from any system or database (SAP, IBM Maximo, Oracle, ABB, and more) and enables fully interactive data visualization that can be broken down in user-based layouts across individual sites or at the enterprise level. Your dedicated Prometheus data analyst partners with you to track progress on sites, corporate-wide initiatives, continuous improvement, reliability, costs, and more.

Prometheus encourages you to bring us your most challenging asset management and reliability reports. We will work with you to understand your custom report calculations and can determine how to source the required information from your maintenance system. In addition, we support many reports out of the box. If you are looking to build out your reporting suite, we have a library of KPIs sourced from industry best practices and can provide recommendations for your business. Our goal is to build reports tailored to your business, so you can track performance factors that matter.

Core Work Order Metrics

Core KPIs for maintenance work order tracking.

  • Order Start Date Compliance
  • Order Finish Date Compliance
  • Number of Open Emergency Notifications
  • Number of Open Emergency Work Orders
  • Man Hour Compliance
  • Scheduled vs Unscheduled Work (% Break-In Work)
  • PM Due Date Compliance

Key Improvement Metrics

Metrics to improve your organization over time.

  • Top 10 Most Common Delay Codes
  • Backlog Hours (Total Backlog, Ready to Schedule, by Order Type, ect.)
  • Open Backlog Trend in Hours or Weeks
  • Contractor and External Services Costs vs Budget

Critical Metrics

Metrics critical to the success of any PM program.

  • Percentage of Planned vs Reactive Work
  • Open Safety Critical/Emergency Orders
  • Schedule Compliance %
  • PM Compliance %
  • Planning Accuracy (Actual / Planned Hours)
  • Capacity Utilization (Planned Hours / Total Available Hours)
  • Planned vs Actual Costs

Reliability Metrics

Industry standard reliability metrics to minimize equipment failures and maximize availability.

  • Mean Time to Failure
  • Mean Time to Repair
  • Mean Time Between Failures
  • Top 10 Bad Actors

Master Data Management

Gain actionable insights about your master data with Master Data-as-a-Service (MDaaS).

  • Duplicate records reports
  • Free text spending tracking
  • Data cleansing and sustainment
  • Progress efficienct reports

Additional Out-of-The-Box KPIS

In addition to the KPIs above, Prometheus also delivers the following KPIs a-la-carte based on your organization's needs. Any of these KPIs can be broken down by Plant, Work Center, Planner Group, Priority, Criticality, and more.

  • Break-in Actual  Maintenance Cost
  • Total Planned Maintenance Costs
  • Total Planned Maintenance Hours
  • Total Actual Maintenance Costs
  • Total Actual Maintenance Hours
  • Total Emergency Maintenance Hours
  • Break-in Actual Maintenance Hours
  • Contractor and External Services Maintenance Budget
  • Contractor and External Services Actual Maintenance Costs
  • Preventative Actual Maintenance Cost
  • Preventative Planned Maintenance Cost
  • % of Preventative Maintenance Completed within Tolerance
  • Preventative Actual Maintenance Hours
  • Preventative Planned Maintenance Hours
  • Corrective Actual Maintenance Cost
  • Corrective Planned Maintenance Cost
  • Corrective Actual Maintenance Hours
  • Corrective Planned Maintenance Hours
  • Backlog in Man Weeks
  • Backlog Aging
  • Ready Backlog
  • Total Backlog Hours by Work Center
  • Total Backlog Hours
  • Open Work Orders with Free-text Materials
  • Open Emergency Notifications
  • Open Emergency Work Orders
  • Percentage of Emergency Work Orders
  • Notification Type
  • Confirmations per Month
  • Resource Utilization
  • Operation Start Compliance
  • Operation Finish Compliance
  • Schedule Operation Finish Compliance
  • Schedule Compliance Hours
  • Work Order Schedule Compliance
  • Work Order Aging
  • Work Order Order Type Distribution
  • Work Order Priority Distribution
  • Work Orders Released With No Planning
  • Work Orders Closed With No Planning
  • Number of Notifications with No Work Order
  • Work Order Work Center Distribution
  • Work Orders Past Due Date
  • Average Work Order Cycle Time
  • Average Work Order Age by Planner Group
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Mean Time to Repair or Replace (MTTR)
  • Mean Time to Failure (MTTF)
  • Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM)
  • Count of Most Common Damage Codes
  • Count of Most Common Cause Codes
  • Count of Most Common Delay Codes
  • Top 10 Bad Actors


ERP, EAM, CMMS, and EHS Systems

Reporting & Analytics integrate with asset management data sources including SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, ABB, MS Projects, Excel, Reporting/BI Systems, Custom Applications and more.

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