Pulp, Paper and Mill Product

Pulp, Paper, and Mill Products

Enterprise Asset Management for Pulp, Paper, and Mill Products

The pulp, paper, and mill products industry operates 24/7 to produce essential goods like paper, cardboard, and other everyday consumer items. A top goal for asset management teams is to keep paper mills and processing facilities running safely and profitably.

To do this, organizations must leverage streamlined asset management processes, to maintain crucial machinery and pollution control systems, and to remain compliant with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

Our enterprise asset management system helps pulp, paper, and mill products organizations simplify and streamline asset management for a stress-free approach to digital transformation.

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Issues EAM Software Can Solve for Pulp, Paper, and Mill Products

With higher production expectations and pressure to control pollution, solid asset management is a cornerstone of successful pulp and paper organizations. Some challenges enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions can address include:

  • Increased regulatory standards to limit pollution

  • Unplanned mill outages and production downtime

  • Unstandardized systems across sites and departments

  • Increased hazards due to excess dust, heat, and corrosive materials

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Prometheus Group Customer Success Stories

“You don’t have to use wildcards. You don’t have to get your search terms in the exact right order, or the perfect wording. Material Shopping Cart saves you time and frustration by consolidating SAP searches into one function. It’s about as close to a Google search as you can get.”
Kris Halland Senior Maintenance Planner
“Before using Contractor Management, we had a lot of issues where either the wrong worker was entered to begin with, or they would change their mind, and there was no way to change their availability again.”
Valerie Alley Technical Analyst
“Between Prometheus Group’s APM platform and the Remote Monitoring services, our benefits many times exceed the cost of the solution.”
Robert Hager Senior Mechanical Engineer

Integration Capabilities

To connect the maintenance, operations, and engineering processes of pulp, paper, and mill products, organizations need integrated solutions. The Prometheus Platform integrates with leading enterprise resource planning (ERP), EAM, and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) like SAP, IBM Maximo, Oracle, and JD Edwards.

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Explore the Prometheus Platform

Managing assets for pulp, paper, and mill products organizations can come with a host of hurdles due to conditions within the plant. Discover how the Prometheus Platform pulp and paper industry software helps you tackle challenges with increased flexibility.