Contractor Cost Tracking

Streamline data capture, tracking, review, approval, and payment processes to increase ROI and operating cost savings.

  • Save time entering and reviewing/correcting time, attendance, and cost data.
  • Eliminate errors in the invoicing process.
  • Leverage accurate, current data to improve contract negotiation.
  • Gain streamlined access to pertinent data and documentation. Quickly review and approve/reject invoiced costs.
  • Expedite contractor payments.
  • Enter data on the go with mobile capabilities.

Gate Reconciliation 

  • Sync gate data with contractor management for improved accuracy. 
  • Automatically flag time entries that do not match gate time. 
  • Review and correct inaccurate time entry information. 
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Contractor Onboarding

Manage your contractor onboarding in one place, so that you have all necessary details about each contractor before they begin performing work.  

  • Verify contractors have correct insurances to perform specified work.  
  • Gain information about contractor qualifications.  
  • Check contractor skill level by trade to ensure they can perform certain tasks. 
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Contractor Management 

Manage all facets of your contractors in one integrated contractor management system. Maximize efficiency and improve accuracy of contractor rates and time.  

  • Create new vendors directly in Contractor Management.
  • Define set approval workflows for contractor labor, materials, and equipment.  
  • View history associated with all transactions such as who submitted, what time it was submitted, and approval or rejection notes. 

Resource Qualifications 

  • Attach correct documents and details to each contractor profile.  
  • Track individual contractor performance and attendance. 
  • Enable contractors to update their qualifications.
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Job Assignments

Job Bidding 

Easily view and accept contractor job bids in one place and gain visibility into historical information. 

  • Review and manage Requests for Quotes (RFQs). 
  • Manage vendor acceptance directly within Contractor Management. 
  • Track history of transactions, rate proposals, and other bid details. 

Contractor Job Planning

  • Provide daily job reports and job plans to contractors.  
  • Create daily projections of resources based on craft and shift.   
  • Gain visibility into discrepancies in projections and details entered.  
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Integrated Platform

Seamless integration with existing systems

Integrate with major ERP systems such as SAP, Maximo, and Oracle.

Less Time and Money

Keep maintenance on-track and on-budget

Track contractor labor and material costs, and compare to previous contractor rates.

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Manage complex shift assignments

Handle overtime and shift assignments directly within the system.

Reliable and Fast-1

Easily configure screens and business rules

Configure user settings and business rules to your specific contractor management process.

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Track and compare contractor performance

Track contractor metrics like cost, attendance, performance, and more. 

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