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Latest Posts

5 Benefits of Going Mobile for Asset Intensive Organizations

For organizations and maintenance teams looking to integrate and optimize their mobility strategy, there are five key benefits that they can expect.

6 Keys to Creating New Maintenance Budgets

This article from lays out the two major challenges and four great opportunities that lie ahead when you're creating maintenance budgets.

Creating a Work Priority Index: 4 Essential Steps

Maintenance planners need to prioritize work to ensure critical assets have maximum uptime. A work priority index is a tool for achieving this goal.

Maintenance Backlog: Take Control With a Priority Index

Managing a maintenance backlog is integral to the maintenance process. In essence, the backlog is all work that has been approved but not completed.

Digitalization of Asset Management [What Does That Even Mean?]

Digitization, Digitalization and Digital Transformation, lets break down the definitions and look at how they impact asset management.

3 Disadvantages to Using Excel to Manage Maintenance

Here are three ways that using Excel to manage your maintenance scheduling and tasks can cost your business.

Reactive Vs. Preventive Vs. Predictive Maintenance

Poor maintenance strategy can reduce a company's productive capacity. It is important to examine your team's strategy: reactive, preventive or predictive.

IIoT In Maintenance And The Rise of Digital Twins

IIoT is rapidly changing the maintenance world, heralded by the increasing number of IIoT devices and the growing popularity of digital twins.

Insights from the Virtual User Conference: Prometheus Permitting and Safety

We’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked Prometheus Permitting and Safety questions submitted by conference participants.

Insights from the Virtual User Conference: Master Data as a Service

We’ve compiled a list of our most commonly asked Master Data as a Service questions submitted by virtual user conference participants.

Insights from the Virtual User Conference: Prometheus eLearning

During this year’s virtual conference, we unveiled our new eLearning platform—Prometheus eLearning.

Prometheus Group Announces Acquisition of VIZIYA From Quarterhill Inc.

Prometheus Group announces that it has acquired VIZIYA a developer of enterprise asset management software, from Quarterhill Inc.

Using Asset Risk Analysis to Develop and Continuously Improve Your Maintenance Strategy

Dr. Phil Catt focuses on two steps that are essential for designing and improving an effective maintenance strategy: Criticality and Vulnerability Analysis

What's Your Maintenance Mindset? Four Best Practices Schedulers Should Follow When Creating a Maintenance Schedule

Here are four best practices that schedulers can use to improve coordination and boost productivity in their organization.

Prometheus Group Acquires Enterprise Workforce Management Provider WorkTech

Prometheus Group announces the acquisition of WorkTech, a US-headquartered provider of contractor management and productivity solutions software.