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Prometheus Group is a global SAP Solution Extension and Consulting Partner. As an SAP Solution Extension (Solex) partner, Prometheus Group occupies a privileged place in the wider SAP ecosystem. SAP partners with tens of thousands of companies, but only certifies software from less than 45 vendors to sell, support, and market directly as their own. Prometheus Group has been a Solution Extension partner since 2014, and stands alone as the only Solex partner with a master data governance solution

Prometheus Group’s solution extension for EAM are specifically focused on providing master data support for the SAP Plant Maintenance and SAP Intelligent Asset Management solutions. Prometheus Group offers a further extension of the EAM domain through the availability of Asset Information Workbench (AIW), to allow seamless support for best-practice digital models and digital twins for equipment, along with a host of other capabilities.

Master Data Governance for Enterprise Asset Management in SAP

SAP MDG-EAM enables the governance of all master data objects required for the effective use of SAP Plant Maintenance. These include: 

  • Equipment Master 
  • Functional Location 
  • Linear Asset Management 
  • MRO Bills of Materials (BoMs) 
  • Work Centers 
  • Service Masters 
  • Task Lists 
  • Maintenance Plans and Items
  • Object Links/Networks
  • Catalogue Codes/Groups
MDG offers additional objects for Utilities and Defense/Security such as Device, Device Location, and Connection Objects.


MDG (EAM) Category M Change Request Mockup

Asset Information Workbench for SAP 

SAP AIW is an enterprise data governance platform for monitoring, tracking, and managing structured and unstructured asset data among multiple systems-of-record (ERP, engineering, PLM, and maintenance systems). SAP AIW enables you to: 

  • Connect multiple systems of record where your data is stored and used, enterprise-wide. 
  • Accelerate acquisition, transformation, and processing of complex asset data. 
  • Standardize reference models (asset, work, parts) in one central location. 
  • Integrate to SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN). 
  • Facilitate creation, deployment, and refinement of maintenance best practices. 
  • Handle multi-object change requests efficiently.
  • Synchronize asset master data across multiple systems-of-record.   
  • Quickly locate relevant records for asset master data construction. 
  • Intuitively visualize and interpret complex asset master data structures. 
(AIW) Dashboard Mockup

MDG for Retail & Fashion Management in SAP 

For the first time, SAP customers have an easy and integrated way to address Article/SKU creation and retirement issues. MDG-RFM provides flexibility for the merchandisers in the planning phase of master data. At the same time, it supports a governance model through the article data lifecycle to enable master data quality. The features of our MDG-RFM solution include: 

  • Mass-create/maintain the capability of the Article Master 
  • GS1/EDI integration 
  • Enabled for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system integration 
  • Duplicate check capabilities 
  • Contains most of the features and functions of the article master 
  • Enabled for both structured and unstructured data 
(RFM) Retail Mass Processing 1 Mockup
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Utopia Global Inc was acquired by Prometheus Group on August 9th 2022. MDG, AIW, and RFM are SAP Solution Extensions (SOLEX) available through SAP directly, and are marketed on the SAP Solution Extension website under Utopia Global Inc.

Utopia and Prometheus Group Master Data solutions collectively focus on providing business process optimization services for their customers. As a foundation for becoming an agile digital enterprise, they prioritize understanding, fixing, and governing their information data (master data) to support material, resource, and financial processes.

MDG-EAM and AIW Benefits

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Establish auditable records of all changes to safety-critical equipment master data 

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Reduce MRO supply chain costs by eliminating duplicate records and obsolete/excess inventory for MRO spare parts 

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Improve maintenance ‘wrench-time’ due to work orders with inaccurate or incomplete spare parts, task lists, and tool requirements 

Real Time Updates

Reduce equipment downtime and unplanned maintenance 

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Improve maintenance downtime analysis and forecasting through consistent master data nomenclature 

2 Way Connection or Sync Icon

Accelerate acquisition, transformation, and processing of complex asset data 

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Standardize reference models (asset, work, parts) in one central location 

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Connect multiple systems of record where your data is stored and used, enterprise-wide 

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Increase regulatory compliance 

MDG-RFM Benefits

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Establishes a fully-auditable, “maintain once – use everywhere” best practice 

Reduces overall system maintenance by identifying data defects early

Reduces overall system maintenance by identifying data defects early 

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Ensures immediate compliance with corporate data standards 

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Allows for collaboration within the company and the participation of external suppliers in the article creation process 

Reliable and Fast-1

Provides flexible workflow capabilities eliminating silos of decision-making 

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Enforces required data quality by defining governance throughout the complete article creation process  

Reduces cost by eliminating redundant effort to maintain retail master data and avoid duplicates

Reduces cost by eliminating redundant effort to maintain retail master data and avoid duplicates 

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