Enterprise Asset Management for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is responsible for saving lives and treating patients around the clock. If equipment is down, hospital teams cannot adequately help patients in need.

That is where maintenance and facility managers come in. Through well-thought-out maintenance, you can improve the accessibility and reliability of assets, decrease costs, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

The Prometheus Group enterprise asset management (EAM) suite allows healthcare facilities to streamline their processes and react flexibly to change so that providers can focus on what matters most: treating those in need of care.

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Issues EAM Software Solves for Healthcare

The success of healthcare relies on their ability to treat patients and provide them with quality care. Asset management software can streamline processes and help address the following challenges:

  • Assets must be maintained and sanitized according to stringent standards

  • Inventory management is done in systems that don’t communicate

  • Increased hospitalizations require quality asset tracking and flexibility

  • Increased maintenance, asset management, and operational costs

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Prometheus Group Customer Success Stories

“You don’t have to use wildcards. You don’t have to get your search terms in the exact right order, or the perfect wording. Material Shopping Cart saves you time and frustration by consolidating SAP searches into one function. It’s about as close to a Google search as you can get.”
Kris Halland Senior Maintenance Planner
“Once we went electronic with our permitting using ePAS, people don't know how they worked without it.”
Richard Bass HSE Manager
“Between Prometheus Group’s APM platform and the Remote Monitoring services, our benefits many times exceed the cost of the solution.”
Robert Hager Senior Mechanical Engineer

Integration Capabilities

Having one source of truth to gain visibility into your healthcare asset management processes is essential. Prometheus solutions integrate with your enterprise resource planning (ERP), EAM, and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) solutions, such as SAP, IBM Maximo, Oracle, and JD Edwards.

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Explore the Prometheus Platform

In an industry where uptime is critical, having streamlined processes is a must. Find out how the Prometheus Platform can help you handle your healthcare asset management with peace of mind.