Prometheus APM is a proven, rapidly deployed, cloud-based AI/ML and data analytics APM platform that addresses the challenges of today’s complex and dynamic plant management environments. It closes the gap between analytics and operations with easy-to-use tools and a built-in collaborative workflow, facilitating a smoother transition from issue detection to issue resolution.


Rapid deployment of Custom ML models.

Implement 1000s of high-quality custom models with “one-click” ML-Automation.


Action-oriented workflow ensures results.

Bridge the gap between analytics & operations; over 40,000 issues resolved.


Work priorities are clear and actionable.

Issues are organized based on the greatest operational and economic impact.

“It’s clear that Prometheus APM was built by engineers with real operating experience.” 

– Director of Operations

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Prometheus Asset Performance Management Software collects and stores process data in a highly secure location that can be accessed from anywhere. Gain operational awareness from the visualization of live and historical process data in trends and dashboards.

  • Data Explorer: View historic and real-time process data trends to explore current and past asset performance.
  • Dashboards: View KPIs at the individual asset or rolled up to the system, unit, or facility level to monitor performance.
  • Data Historian: Store process data to explore past behavior and train machine learning models.
  • APIs: Connect Prometheus APM to other products used to manage your operations and assets, in order to improve insights into your operations and achieve operational excellence.
APM Explore (mock up)


Prometheus APM Software transforms your operations with enhanced awareness of equipment and process performance, using real-time performance calculations, advanced data visualization, and exploration tools for a single asset or an entire fleet.

  • Dashboards: View KPIs at the individual asset or rolled up to the system, unit, or facility level to monitor performance.
  • Process Data Interfaces: Collect and organize process data to power Prometheus APM machine learning and calculations.
  • Performance Calculator: Calculate performance metrics and first principal calculations from a library of industry standard content, or create custom calculations.
  • APIs: Connect Prometheus APM to other products used to manage your operations and assets, in order to improve insights into your operations and achieve operational excellence.
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Prometheus APM Software provides closed-loop collaboration between internal & external stakeholders to prioritize and resolve issues to mitigate operational risk, because analytics solutions are only valuable if they lead to action and issues are resolved.  

  • Issues Management: Data-driven prioritization of issues through impact calculations, letting you coordinate issue resolution with stakeholders.
  • Issue Database: An ever-expanding knowledge base of past issues that helps asset experts quickly resolve new issues.
  • APIs: Connect Prometheus APM to other products used to manage your operations and assets, in order to improve insights into your operations and achieve operational excellence.
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Increase Equipment and Plant Uptime

Increase Equipment and Plant Uptime

Identify and quantify operational risks when they first emerge for proactive action. Address equipment reliability issues before they turn into costly failures and downtime.

Increase Visibility Into Reliability Savings

Increase Visibility Into Reliability Savings

Every issue is quantified with an economic impact, giving the entire team awareness of the savings. Recoup a quantifiable, rapid return on investment (ROI) in a matter of months after initial deployment.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Improve Operational Efficiency

Identify and quantify performance deviations when they first emerge, allowing for optimal usage of power, water, chemicals, and fuel.

Prioritize Maintenance by Condition

Prioritize Maintenance by Condition

Assess and quantify your maintenance activities by economic impact. Apply condition-based techniques to bolster your current scheduled maintenance and long-term maintenance planning programs.

Maintain a Safe Working Environment

Maintain a Safe Working Environment

Asset failures can be dangerous. Proper plant operations ensure that your workforce remains safe on the job.

Maintain Operational Working Knowledge

Maintain Operational Working Knowledge

Aging workforces and worker turnover challenge great organizations. Past issue resolution is easily recalled by supporting better decision-making.

Prometheus Asset Performance Management Process

The Prometheus APM process is comprised of four straightforward steps to help companies begin to receive actionable insights: Connect, Detect, Diagnose and Resolve. 



Connect 1000s of system and asset process data tags to Prometheus APM. Avoid time-consuming and expensive consulting by securely connecting to Prometheus APM’s cloud platform.  



Detect emerging reliability and performance issues before they cause failures. Detect abnormal asset behavior to diagnosis and resolve issues before they cause unplanned downtime. 



Diagnose issues and prioritize maintenance planning based on impactAs users diagnose an issue, they are guided through the workflow to resolution. 

Increase Equipment and Plant Uptime-1


Prometheus APM enables efficient issue collaboration, prioritization, and resolution by queuing up the right actions for the right people at the right time to protect your bottom line. 

Prometheus Asset Performance Management FAQs:

What is Prometheus Asset Performance Management (APM)?
Prometheus Asset Performance Management (APM) is a cloud-based AI/ML and data analytics platform designed to streamline predictive analytics and enhance plant management operations. It enables rapid deployment of custom machine learning models, facilitates collaborative workflows, and provides actionable insights to enable you to efficiently detect, diagnose, and resolve operational issues.
How does Prometheus Asset Performance Management integrate with other software?
Prometheus APM integrates with other software through APIs, allowing seamless connection with various systems and assets to collect, store, and analyze process data. This integration enhances operational insights, facilitates data-driven decision-making, and ensures that performance metrics and KPIs are accessible and actionable across different platforms.
What is the Difference Between Prometheus Asset Performance Management and Enterprise Asset Management?
Prometheus APM focuses on predictive analytics and real-time performance monitoring using AI/ML to enhance asset performance and operational efficiency to support enterprise asset management. In contrast, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) typically encompasses broader asset lifecycle management, including capital project management, maintenance scheduling, compliance, and master data management.
Which Types of Businesses Use Prometheus Asset Performance Management Solutions?
Prometheus APM is used by businesses with complex and dynamic plant management environments, such as those in manufacturing, oil, gas, & energy, power generation, pulp & paper, and utilities sectors. These businesses require advanced data analytics and predictive maintenance solutions to optimize asset performance, reduce downtime, and enhance operational efficiency.


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