Permitting and Isolations

Prometheus Platform Control of Work Software

ePAS (Electronic Permit Administration System) is a web-based solution that is an integrated safe system of work (ISSOW). It is more than just work permitting. ePAS also manages isolations/LOTO (lock-out tag-out), handles risk assessment, integrates with work management processes, and can integrate with a variety of other safety systems. The ePAS Mobile application works online or offline, allowing users to continue with their safe work processes no matter what their connectivity is.

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Our Control of Work System Works in Three Main Ways

Web-based permit to work software replaces paper processes and allows you to monitor your site and shutdowns in real time.

Powerful isolation management functions include templates, cross-referencing, isolation point validation and tag printing.

Standardize hazard identification and risk assessment to capture lessons learned and add a new level of rigor to your worksites.

Key Features

  • Gain consistency and efficiency and reduce human error with HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment).
  • Create consistency and efficiency with intelligent templating.
  • Standardize permit practices according to your company workflows.
  • Integrate with your existing maintenance systems.
  • Enter Information from the field in either offline/online with the ePAS Mobile Application.
  • Quickly and easily print isolation tags.

Key Benefits

  • Integrate with your existing maintenance system
  • Improve safety and stay in compliance by reducing the number of permit-related incidents
  • Reduce the number of permits required
  • Enhance communication between Maintenance and Operations since ePAS integrates with your system of record,such as SAP/Maximo
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy by eliminating redundant, repetitive manual paper-based work
  • Reduce reliance on individual knowledge
  • Bring consistency to permit practices across the entire organization, including multiple departments and multiple sites

Permitting Resources

Safety. Compliance. Productivity. These are likely your organization's top priorities for its Maintenance and Operations teams — no matter your industry. This whitepaper examines how new advances in Electronic Permit-to-Work solutions eliminate the risks of paper-based processes and provide hard ROI.
This whitepaper explores the average cost savings of manual permitting vs ePTW systems for work requests, conflict management, isolations, risk assessments, shutdowns/outages, audits, regulation, safety, corporate social responsibility, compliance, root cause analysis, and the environment.
Companies are under pressure to maximize uptime, stay compliant with strict regulations, and optimize how labor hours are spent.  Here’s an extensive checklist to help you keep track of the many features and capabilities you and you team require to work effectively
Industry: Oil and Gas
Products: Permitting and Isolations
Discover how Woodside Energy reduced permit-related incidents from 60% of total incidents to 20% while reducing prep time from 6 hours to 15 minutes.
Industry: Chemical
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Discover how Prometheus Routine Maintenance increased time on tools by 50% resulting in a savings of 1.8 million.

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