Routine Maintenance

Graphical maintenance scheduling software for your plant or facility

The Prometheus platform’s Routine Maintenance module provides web-based planning and scheduling solutions for routine maintenance management, as well as the ability to expand to preventive maintenance management, material management, and shutdowns/turnarounds/outages.  It is an out-of-the-box solution that streamlines and enhances maintenance processes by using applications that fully integrate with your ERP/EAM/CMMS solutions, keeping a single source of truth for your data.

The user interaction and user experience of Routine Maintenance was designed with the end-user in mind.  Browser-based features, intuitive functions, and sleek look and feel ensure users can be effective in the solution with minimal training in the solution itself and no training in the ERP/EAM/CMMS.  The solutions within the Routine Maintenance module of the Prometheus Platform maximizes your Planners’ and Schedulers’ efficiency on the job and leads to a more proactive maintenance program.
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Easily standardize your process and increase adoption for all roles and users.

  • Create easy-to-use dashboards and workflows in a single screen that connect with your EAM, ERP, or CMMS in real-time.
  • Switch between screen layouts easily
  • Save default screen for each user
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Take control of your planned work with a user-friendly graphical scheduler

  • Drag and drop, graphical gantt chart scheduler
  • Mass change funcionality
  • Auto-leveler
  • Real time sync with your EAM, ERP, or CMMS
  • Easy personnel assignments
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Order Planner

Order planner takes you out of the native GUI and into the Prometheus platform to view and plan work orders.

  • Work order editing and creation
  • Schedule at various levels of hierarchy
  • Filtering capability
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Work Package Manager

Quickly compile all documents required to complete a work order.

  • Select/deselect/auto-select documents to be printed in the work package
  • Mobile delivery option
  • Digital signatures and custom watermarks
  • Auto-collate documents and packages as one PDF or print job
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Order to Task List & BOM

Quickly template work order information for future use.

  • Reduce planning time while maintaining consistency and accuracy
  • Reduce free text spending
  • Copy work orders to task lists and BOMs
  • Keep BOMs accurate and updated
  • Ensure transfer of knowledge
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Material Shopping Cart

Save time finding parts and reduce free text spending with advanced multi-word, multi-field search.

  • Save time finding parts and reduce free text spending
  • View material or supply prices and availability before selecting
  • Retrieve material master numbers through an advanced multi-word, any-order search
  • Search for line items based on multiple criteria including long text descriptions and characteristics
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Available Addons

Material Availability Coordinator (MAC)

Bridge the gap between maintenance, procurement, and the warehouse by aggregating the status of all materials and automatically apply status updates.

Preventive Maintenance Manager (PMM)

Make better decisions and schedule more effectively by integrating maintenance plans along with routine maintenance in one scheduling board.

Extended Functionality (XF)

Take scheduling to the next level with simulation mode, real-time reports, work progression, and progress tracking

Shutdowns, Turnarounds, & Outages (STO)

Schedule STOs and capital projects by integrating these elements along with work orders in one scheduling board.

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