Routine Maintenance

Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Software For Your ERP/EAM/CMMS

The Prometheus platform’s Routine Maintenance module provides out-of-the-box, web-based planning and scheduling for plant and facility maintenance management. It is made up of six core products that work together to optimize and streamline the plant maintenance life cycle. These products are Navigator, Scheduler, Order Planner, Order to Task List & BOM, Material Shopping Cart, and Work Package Manager.

Routine Maintenance streamlines maintenance processes by using applications that fully integrate with your ERP/EAM/CMMS system, keeping it the single source of truth for your data. The solution enhances and extends your ERP/EAM/CMMS system with a graphical maintenance scheduler, short cuts to saved searches in-and-out-of the main system, optimized work order planning, and a faster way to print work packages. It maximizes your planners and schedulers' efficiency on the job and enables a proactive preventative maintenance program.

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Transform your SAP Favorites list to a custom layout with built in variants that allows you to navigate your workflow more efficiently.


Take control of your planned work with an easy-to-use graphical scheduler that includes mass change to quickly update multiple works order all at once.

Order Planner

Optimized work order planning tool that takes you out of the GUI and onto the platform when planning your work.

Work Package Manager

Receive all shop papers and documents needed to create your work packages.

Order to Task List & BOM

Streamline order planning by copying work orders to task lists and BOMs for future use.

Material Shopping Cart

Save time finding parts and reduce free text spending with an easy to use material search.

Product Screenshots

Key Benefits

Provides integration with all Prometheus products
Modern graphics and user interface
Visual layout of maintenance work data
Maximize resource utilization
Reduce work package printing time
Standardize work planning
Increased schedule alignment and adoption
Reduction of reactive work and increase of preventative work
Increased user adoption with simplified user interactions

Available Add-Ons

Material Availability Coordinator - aggregates the status of all materials necessary for job completion and bridges the communication gap between maintenance, procurement, and the warehouse by adding visual stages within the ERP. This visibility allows companies to see an improvement in planning and a decrease in time spent idly waiting for materials.

Preventative Maintenance Manager - enables planners and schedulers to make better decisions and to more effectively schedule work by integrating maintenance plans along with routine maintenance in one scheduling board.

Extended Functionality (XF) - allows users to quickly simulate changes before committing them to the ERP system. Also includes the ability to run real-time reports directly from the planning board, including resource histograms, planned vs. actual work, and s-curve analysis.

Budgeting - clearly displays the estimated, planned, and actual costs alongside the budget number directly within the Prometheus Scheduling board, allowing the user to quickly make changes and view the fiscal impact in real-time.

Routine Maintenance Videos

Watch Here: Prometheus Routine Maintenance Integrated with SAP

SAP Case Studies

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Industry: Steel and Metal Manufacturing
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Learn how Prometheus partnered with Liberty to move away from their 20 year old legacy system and standardize their planning print documents.
Industry: Silicon and Semiconductor Chemicals
Products: Routine Maintenance
Find out how Hemlock Semiconductor increased productivity by 30% and achieved 80% maintenance capacity across all work centers.

Maximo Case Studies

Industry: Aviation
Products: Planning and Scheduling for Maximo (formerly AKWIRE)
See how a world-leading provider of commercial, military, and business aviation engines saved 90% time in scheduling and achieved 100% PM compliance.
Industry: Higher Education
Products: Planning and Scheduling for Maximo (formerly AKWIRE)
Learn how Cornell University reduced their time-to-schedule by 90%, reduced job time by 78%, and stretched budget 300% further.
Industry: Energy
Products: Planning and Scheduling for Maximo (formerly AKWIRE)
Find out how DTE Energy reduced backlog by 25%, increased efficiency by 35%, and re-allocated $2.7M in time.

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