Work smarter and safer with information at your fingertips

Powerful tools for managing permit to work, risk, and isolation

Protecting workers every day on every job

check   Increase wrench time by avoiding rework and streamlining workflows

check  Reduce Permit to Work and LOTO planning time by up to 75%

check  Provide visibility of hazards and work conflicts

check Ensure compliance with all applicable regulations

Permit to Work

Permit to Work

Web-based permit to work software that replaces paper processes and allows you to monitor your site and shutdowns in real time.

Isolation management

Isolation Management

Powerful isolation management functions include templates, cross-referencing, isolation point validation and tag printing.

risk assessment

Risk Assessment

Standardize hazard identification and risk assessment to capture lessons learned and add a new level of rigor to your worksites.

Permit to Work Software

Reduce Risk

Store and retrieve all of your existing workplace hazards and controls, isolation templates, job descriptions, risk assessments, and procedures – ensure a standardized approach across your site, reducing the risk of human error.

Leading Practice Isolation

Full isolation and lockout tagout (LOTO) management capabilities, with standard isolation lists, automated isolation conflict prevention, isolation point validation, checklists, tag printing, isolation procedures/HV switching programs, and a baseline isolation method calculation tool.

Integrate and Communicate

Optimize your operations by integrating permit information with your core enterprise information and control systems, including asset management, human resource, document management, access, SCADA, and GIS.

Optimize Shutdowns

Streamline shutdown planning and ensure safe work planning with a suite of tools including permit plotting, diagrammatic displays of permits and linked certificates, and cross-referencing of shared plant items and isolations. Permits can be linked to a specific shutdown, so if a date moves – so do the permits. There are even warnings that prevent conflicting work from being scheduled.

Work in the Field

The latest responsive design enables the solution to be accessed across multiple devices in the plant or in the field and there’s a range of mobilized apps just for performing remote isolations.

Reportable, Auditable and Retrievable

All actions are recorded in a log and can be easily retrieved for incident reporting and auditing purposes.