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Whitepapers and Case Studies

Empower your strategy with asset management best practices

Prometheus Group is dedicated to delivering the resources you need to effectively manage your enterprise maintenance processes. The whitepapers and case studies cover topics like planning, scheduling, digital permitting mobility, master data management, reporting and more across multiple industries such as oil & gas, utilities, energy, mining, manufacturing, facility management, government, chemicals, shipping & logistics, aviation, higher education, and more.


Best Practices for Planners and Schedulers

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Is your time-on-tools average? Most organizations with intensive maintenance needs only achieve about 25-35% wrench time. But, industry leaders regularly hit between 50-60%. Learn what it takes to get to that next level with these 10 best practices for Planners and Schedulers.

Your Asset Management and Mobility Strategy

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Implementing a mobile solution for SAP or IBM Maximo can increase time-on-tools up from the industry-average of 25% to 85%, reduce unplanned asset downtime, and enable real-time communication. This eBook explores 5 best practices to leverage the power of mobility to optimize your maintenance workflows.

The Calculated Benefits of Electronic Permit to Work Systems

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Ready to ditch paper permitting and go digital? Download our free whitepaper to get a side-by-side comparison of the time and cost of various permitting, job safety analysis, and isolations tasks between paper and digital.

Equipment Criticality and Prioritization of Work Orders

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Assessing equipment criticality in your plant or facility is a key step to developing a reliability centered maintenance process. This free whitepaper explores equipment risk identification and assessment, equipment reliability reporting, and maintenance work order prioritization.

Building a Successful Roadmap to Mobile Asset Management Adoption

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Considering a mobile maintenance solution for SAP or IBM Maximo? This free whitepaper delivers an actionable roadmap for researching providers, identifying inefficiencies, deployment, user training, and optimizing for your industry.

The Digitalization of Permitting: Safety, Compliance and Productivity

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Safety. Compliance. Productivity. These are likely your organization's top priorities for its Maintenance and Operations teams — no matter your industry. This whitepaper examines how new advances in Electronic Permit-to-Work solutions eliminate the risks of paper-based processes and provide hard ROI.

Whether you're just beginning to consider mobile or already assessing potential solutions, everyone wants a mobile solution that is fast to implement, easy to use, and scalable – so that when it succeeds, you can easily roll it out across your organization.

Optimize Enterprise Asset Management with Mobile

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Learn how mobile can enhance enterprise asset management by increasing productivity and wrench time while improving asset availability, decreasing risk, and helping to meet compliance standards.

How to Achieve Operational Excellence through Enterprise Asset Management

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Learn how your organization can reach an integrated approach to planning and scheduling that includes maintenance, production, and projects across the enterprise.

Increase Wrench Time with an SAP Certified Plant Maintenance Solution

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Learn how to improve wrench time and optimize your maintenance and manufacturing operations by streamlining your organization's planning and scheduling processes

The Anchor of Asset Management

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This whitepaper discusses the significance of building a firm asset management foundation, as well as provides strategies for becoming a best-in-class maintenance organization through work identification and prioritization, planning and scheduling, work execution and review, and materials management.

Permitting and Isolations Requirements Checklist

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Companies are under pressure to maximize uptime, stay compliant with strict regulations, and optimize how labor hours are spent. Here’s an extensive checklist to help you keep track of the many features and capabilities you and you team require to work effectively.

Can Your Mobile Solution Do This?

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The ability to go mobile with your ERP/CMMS solution, such as SAP or IBM Maximo, is no longer an option, but a necessity. Use this free features and benefits checklist to assess what mobile solution is best for your organization.

Case Studies

Woodside Energy Makes Safety the Standard with Prometheus ePAS

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Discover how Woodside Energy reduced permit-related incidents from 60% of total incidents to 20% while reducing prep time from 6 hours to 15 minutes.

LyondellBasell Moves Toward Reliability Centered Maintenance with Prometheus Solutions

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Discover how Prometheus Planning & Scheduling increased time on tools by 50% resulting in a savings of 1.8 million.

Joy Global Uses Prometheus Mobile to Save Time and Improve Data Accuracy

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See how Joy Global attained complete and accurate maintenance data in SAP and improved maintenance efficiency with Prometheus Mobilty.

Increased Insight into Assets Gives This Utility Company More Energy

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Learn how one of the largest energy companies in the United States improved compliance, reduced costs and outages, and empowered field personnel.

Mobile Improves Data Collection for Natural Gas Interstate Pipeline

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See how a major gas corporation improved compliance and asset reliability, reduced equipment failures, launched paperless mobile inspections, and started real-time data collection in the field.

Museum Manages Inventory

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Discover how an esteemed art museum improved transparency and visibility, made Maximo mobile and user-friendly, improved receiving and storage, and made item history easily accessible.

Mobilize Work Order Management with and Increase Your Organization’s Productivity

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Learn how a prominent water and wastewater utility automated 6000 PMs per month, eliminated paper data entry, and increased staff utilization and productivity.

Mobile Solution Supports City Business Objectives

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Learn how the City of Roseville leveraged mobility to reduce their annual inventory shrink rate, increase the accuracy of materials and spare parts tracking, optimize inspection rounds, and automated field inspection with GIS integration.

BTP Improves Maintenance Processes with Prometheus Solutions

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Learn how BTP reduced the number of ship to shore gantry cranes down at a time from 2.5 per day to 1, increases equipment uptime, and reduced backlog.

Liberty OneSteel Steel Selects Prometheus Group to Provide Robust Functionality Inside SAP

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Learn how Prometheus partnered with Liberty to move away from their 20-year-old legacy system and standardize their planning print documents.

Hemlock Semiconductor Streamlines Plant Maintenance System and Increases Work Capacity Utilization

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Find out how Hemlock Semiconductor increased productivity by 30% and achieved 80% maintenance capacity across all work centers.

Meeting The One-Of-A-Kind Needs of an R&D Facility with Prometheus Scheduler for Maximo

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See how a world-leading provider of commercial, military, and business aviation engines saved 90% time in scheduling and achieved 100% PM compliance.

Cornell University Streamlines Scheduling and Makes Funds Go Further

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Learn how Cornell University reduced their time-to-schedule by 90%, reduced job time by 78%, and stretched budget 300% further.

DTE Gets Aligned for Sustainable, Continuous Process Improvement

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Find out how DTE Energy reduced backlog by 25%, increased efficiency by 35%, and re-allocated $2.7M in time.

Dean Fluor Slashes Time-to-Schedule with AKWIRE

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Find out how Dean Fluor reduced time-to-schedule by 20-25 hours/week and increased their visibility, accuracy, and accountability.