Prometheus Group Ranked as Leader in Process Safety Management Software by Verdantix

Prometheus Group is proud to be announced as a leader in the process safety management software space by Verdantix for our Prometheus RiskPoynt solution. 

Verdantix, a leading independent research and advisory firm, recently released their Process Safety Management (PSM) Software Green Quadrant. In this Green Quadrant, Verdantix ranked 15 solution providers on functional capabilities, advancements for mobile PSM, integration capabilities between PSM and enterprise asset management (EAM) systems, and PSM solution provider future vision. These vendors were: 

Verdantix Green Quadrant Process Safety Management Software Vendors

Walter’s Kluwer Enablon  Sphera  Intelex 
VelocityEHS  Ideagen EHS  TenForce 
CorityOne  Hexagon Yokogawa 
Ideagen DevonWay  GOARC  AVEVA 
NiSoft  Mangan Software Solutions  Prometheus Group 

To create their Green Quadrant, Verdantix leveraged their previous research, administered questionnaires, analyzed three-hour long virtual demonstrations, and interviewed PSM software customers. The results are visualized with the following matrix. 
Rating Scale by Verdantix

How Verdantix Evaluated Vendors in Process Safety Management Green Quadrant 

Within the report, Verdantix made their evaluation based on 15 Process Safety Management solution capabilities, including:  

  • Platform interoperability & integrations 
  • Mobile app product architecture & use cases 
  • Platform - business intelligence 
  • Platform – configurability 
  • Platform - deployment option 
  • User interfaces 
  • Process safety information management 
  • Hazardous chemical management 
  • Connected worker safety 
  • Contractor management 
  • Control of work 
  • Incident management 
  • Management of change 
  • Mechanical integrity & asset health 
  • Risk management

Rating Scale for Verdantix Process Safety Management Green Quadrant 

For each of these capabilities, Verdantix assigned a score based on a scale from zero to three. The meaning of each score is as follows: 

  • 0 = No response provided or publicly available, or supplier has a weak offering. 
  • 1 = Vendor provides evidence of moderate capability, with limited references to customer examples. 
  • 2 = Vendor provides evidence of strong capability, supported by a broad set of references to customer examples. 
  • 3 = Vendor provides evidence of market-leading capability, supported by a broad set of references to customer examples. 

How Prometheus Group Ranked in Verdantix Process Safety Management Green Quadrant 

For 9 of the 15 capabilities, Prometheus scored a two or above, representing strong capability supported by customer examples. Prometheus Group is among only 5 of 15 providers scoring 1 or higher in all 15 capabilities evaluated. Moreover, Prometheus Group ranked second highest out of all vendors for mobile app product architecture & use cases, platform business intelligence, and process safety information management. In the report Verdantix mentioned: 

“Scoring 2.5/3.0 for risk management – the second-highest in this Green Quadrant – Prometheus Group’s acquisition of RiskPoynt has brought compelling barrier management capabilities in-house, with its risk management module allowing operators to test mitigation scenarios and visualize barrier health. For both physical process information management and asset information management, Prometheus scored 3.0/3.0. 

Meanwhile, the firm’s CoW solution offers a customizable hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA) library for storing interrelated work categories, hazards and controls, with the ability to track simultaneous operations (SIMOPS). ePAS also offers dynamic isolation workflows, templates, reporting, and dashboards through strong business intelligence (BI) tools, with the firm scoring 2.6/3.0 in this category.” 

Select a Leading Process Safety Management System to Manage Your Safety 

We are extremely excited to have Prometheus RiskPoynt featured in Verdantix’ Process Safety Management Green Quadrant. 

As part of our integrated and intuitive platform, Prometheus RiskPoynt enables organizations to gain improved visibility into their operational risk management to decrease risks, increase uptime, and maximize efficiency.  

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