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Live and On-Demand Webinars and Demos

Prometheus Group regularly hosts webinars centered around asset management topics such as planning and scheduling, STO management (shutdown, turnaround, and outage), EHS and digital permitting, mobility, and digital transformation. Tune in live or watch on demand and:

Upcoming Live Webinar

Leading by Learning from Our Customers: Five Ways to Improve STO Management

We know that shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages are difficult to manage for most companies without a sound strategy and reliable software solution.

In our next webinar, we will share our top five lessons learned on how to create and sustain order around your next STO! Our STO experts will share their knowledge and experience around a few of the challenges their customers faced managing their STO events.

We will discuss:

  • Communication between the different disciplines and departments of all involved parties.
  • Creating one single point of truth during the complete STO process.
  • Digitalization and the mobile worker.
  • Real-time and accurate status overview of the STO event.
  • Capturing and gathering knowledge and information for future events.

With over 50+ years of experience in all types of STO’s, our experts are eager to share best practices around completing a successful STO.

Stay tuned, we will annouce a new live webinar shortly!

On-Demand Webinars and Demos

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