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Prometheus Group regularly hosts webinars centered around asset management topics such as planning and scheduling, STO management (shutdown, turnaround, and outage), EHS and digital permitting, mobility, and digital transformation. Tune in live or watch on demand and:

Upcoming Live Webinar

Achieving Full Mobile Integration in Plant Maintenance with a Configurable Mobile Application

“With mobility, what it truly does is it gives the technicians access and the ability to execute their work as efficiently as possible in the field. It puts a tablet in the hands of every technician and every operator. […] whenever we’re looking for a digital solution, it really must be seamlessly integrated into all our other systems. The reason we chose Prometheus Mobility is really for three reasons: value, ease of conductivity/ease of integration, and ease of use.” --Adam Brown, The AES Corporation

Mobile plant maintenance solutions are changing how organizations manage and monitor their assets…but how flexible can a mobile application be for your work processes while integrating directly into your system of record? Join us for our webinar as we share:

  • Why our customer, a global energy provider, decided to implement a mobile plant maintenance solution across their organization.
  • How Prometheus Mobile for Plant Maintenance is streamlining our customers’ processes, increasing wrench time, and creating an integrated and harmonious maintenance program for teams.
  • An easy-to-follow process for maintenance stakeholders to configure their mobile application in the intuitive Prometheus App Configuration Manager (ACM).

See you in June!

“Decoding” Your Electronic Permitting Process and Implementation: Five Methods to Improving Permitting and Safety at Your Plant or Facility

May 26, 2020 @10AM AEST

Laying down the groundwork to managing your team’s permitting and safety processes doesn’t have to remain a mystery! In our webinar this month, our experts will help your organization “decode” the top five hurdles to electronic permitting your team can easily tackle with a few additional insights.

Do you know the best way to approach your electronic permitting process? Join our Permitting and Safety experts May 19 as we share the best methods to quickly manage and master permitting in your plant or facility. In our webinar, we’ll discuss the many ways your EHS team can:

  • Handle master data requirements
  • Manage documentation requirements
  • Sustain cultural change management
  • Maintain the standardization of forms, workflows, and terms
  • Start "thinking digital"

A can’t miss for any permitting and safety team looking a simple way to implement an effective permitting process within their organization.

Stay tuned, we will annouce a new live webinar shortly!

On-Demand Webinars and Demos

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