Co-Console is a comprehensive solution that allows you to design, control, and execute all stages of your construction and infrastructure project planning, including from your mobile device, whether online or offline. The system provides up-to-date information on the status of your project and users can view daily instructions within Co-Console to ensure that stages are complete before each project turnover. 

Manage project data, project work breakdown structures, user management, and template documents (mobile/paper check-sheets, certificates, documents, and drawings) all within one centralized digital system and making handover seamless and complete. Utilize the mobile solution to access mobile forms as well as check reports on the progress of your project, eliminating paper and improving data quality and accuracy.

Co-Console Resources

Project Browser  

View project completions/ commissioning breakdowns all in one spot, drill down by system, subsystem, work package, area, module, and easily track completion. 

  • View relevant tags, assets, check-sheets (ITRs), drawings, custom tasks, and groups by each subsystem. 
  • View inspection, test and certification requirements for any scope, such as sub-systems. 
  • View projects and packages by configurable groups for a more detailed view of individual tasks.  
  • View commissioning systems, milestones, modules, and works packages.  
  • Configure the file structure of your project browser to each project’s needs. 
  • Configure your own industry-specific project breakdowns. 
Project Browser Mockup


Use Co-Console to uphold completions best practices and maintain project compliance by setting specific certification processes for your projects. 

  • Specify order that check sheets are completed. 
  • Require discipline check sheets to be completed before a discipline acceptance certificate can be completed. 
  • Utilize tollgate methodology to easily identify when a certificate is ready for acceptance.
Certifications Mockup


Use Co-Console templates for check-sheets to streamline your check-sheet process.  

  • Utilize paper or digital templates for check-sheets using information from project tables. 
  • Check-sheets are filled with logos and engineering data and print by tag, package, sub-system and more. 
  • Access uniquely marked documents with a barcode for easy administration later. 
Checksheets Mockups


Easily deploy packaged work to the field and track package completion through to handover. Configure and create your own packages to match your work process. Package items and details like:  

  • Subsystems. 
  • Piping test packages.  
  • Loop folders.  
  • Work packages (IWPs). 
  • Flushing packages.  
  • Blowdown packages.
Project Browser Mockup-1


Benefit from the out-of-the-box report suite, report designer, and web-based dashboards.  

  • Configure reports to track daily, weekly, or monthly progress.  
  • Create reports on number of construction/ mechanical completion activities completed per milestone date and sub-milestone/ sub-system. 
  • Design reports to track outstanding punch items, cleared and total overtime or number of punch items added and cleared weekly. 
  • Built-in report designer allows you to create your own reports based on your project.
Reporting Mockup

Electronic Handover 

Utilize electronic handover to assemble your project evidence into an electronic turnover/ handover package. Control turnover package sections and create templates for handover based on client, project type, etc. 

  • Assemble a full handover document at the push of a button.  
  • Configure the dossier to match your needs and project requirements. 
  • Easily include check sheets, as-built drawings, red lines, vendor records, scoped P&IDs, tag lists, and certificates in your turnover package. 
Handover Turnover Dossier Mockup


Co-Console Add-ons



Scrape and validate tags from drawings. Create and maintain tag/document relationships with your own document management server. Digitally define and maintain packages, such as subsystems and pipe test packages on key drawings in your own document server and organize Co-Console tag data accordingly.  

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps  

Use smart forms and digital drawings for inspection, commissioning, punching, and preservation. Easily access the system offline and online with Android, iOS, or Windows 10. Set required fields and authorized users for signoffs. Use Doc-Console to further enhance user’s ability to access documents on their mobile device.  

Report Scheduler

Report Scheduler  

Automate your Co-Console reporting with the ability to send out hourly, weekly, or monthly reports. Filter by group, discipline, user role, etc. Set the scheduler to monitor project changes and send notifications to stakeholders, such as: substantial completion of a milestone, punch list completion, notifications for inspections and many more. 

Data Hub

Data Hub / API 

Enhance your ability to use Co-console data to populate your ERP, EAM, CMMS, or align your schedule in P6. Once integrated, exchange data securely and reliably across your systems.  


Streamline project approval process between the field and the office

Streamline project approval process between the field and the office. 

Capture key project deliverables in a consistent format

Capture key project deliverables in a consistent format. 

Define step-by-step project breakdown structures

Define step-by-step project breakdown structures. 

Gain visibility to projects throughout your company

Gain visibility to projects throughout your company.

Less Time and Money

Avoid inaccurate budgets, estimates, forecasts, deadlines, and reporting between teams.

Two Systems Icon

Fully integrate with your ERP, EAM, and CMMS. 

Reviewing Analytics Chart Icon

Powerful, built-in reporting tools.

Enterprise Asset Management

Visualize KPIs with a dynamic analytic dashboard add-on.

Document on Mobile Device Icon

Use mobile devices to complete inspections and commission work, create transparency, and provide real-time status across multiple yards.  

Evaluation Resources


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