Doc-Console is a Co-Console extension that integrates with your document management system (DMS) to allow you to load design drawings and add additional construction/commissioning data such as sub-system scoping and test packaging data. The system also scrapes documents for tag data and highlights differences in drawing versions. Utilize Doc-Console to markup drawings, compare documents, verify tags, and incorporate changes. Use built-in re-visioning to seamlessly manage complex scope, such as sub-systemization or piping test packaging, making document management seamless and more effective.

Doc-Console Resources

Verify Scope   

Utilize a site automation tool that naturally fits in the work processes carried out at your site today. 

  • Use the electronic scope check feature to ensure your engineering data is in line with the drawings in the document server.
  • Increase quality and remove cumbersome manual markup processes with scope check.
  • Easily export and send discrepancies of tags on drawings to engineering for correction.
Asset Tags Mockup-1

Tag Relationships  

Create and maintain tag/ sub-system relations easily directly within Doc-Console. 

  • Mark up P&IDs in Doc-Console and create tag/ sub-system relations automatically.
  • Cables, IO’s, and other relevant details are automatically linked via parent/ child relationships.
  • Revise commissioning system boundaries gain access to drawing revisions and Delta control.
Doc-Console Document Management - Tag Recognition Mockup

Print Packages  

Manage and package documents for print with an electronic dossier that automatically formats and organizes your package.  

  • Viewers can easily use bookmarks to tab through turnover documents.
  • Gather items like component lists, punch items, MC sheets, drawings, and more in your print packages.
  • View scopes and red lines of document.
Handover Turnover Dossier Mockup-1

Manage Documents   

Doc-Console integrates design documents in existing document servers with tag numbers in Co-Console. 

  • View, print, and analyze available and required documents based on construction, commissioning, and start-up requirements.
  • Manage any document, from P&IDs, Loop diagrams, Single lines, Isometrics, Datasheets, and more.
  • Easily access the latest drawings for efficient use at your site.
Managing Documents Mockup

Pipe Test Packages 

Manage your pipe test packages directly within the Doc-Console system.  

  • Easily include items like piping tests, loop folders, line folders, motor test folders, walk-down packages in your print packages.
  • Print inspection & test sheets and drawings directly from Co-Console.
  • Mark up boundaries and automatically associate tags/ assets with the package.
P&ID Mockup


Correct or Complete Desktop Screen Icon

Manage commissioning system boundaries at the site easily, with no involvement of home office required.

Continuous Checklist Complete Icon

Manage tag/sub-system relations automatically, driven by commissioning systems on P&ID’s.

Multiple Documents Icon

Gain access to revision control on commissioning system boundaries.

Multiple Systems Icon-1

Make selected drawings available in Co-Console via DMS deep links e.g. P&ID’s, single lines, Loop diagrams, Isometrics, and Data Sheets.

Dynamic Updates-1

Create tag-document relations without extra manpower.

Magnifying Glass Icon-1

Find drawings via tag numbers.


Print mechanical completion and commissioning status on drawings.

Quick Lighting Desktop Icon

Electronically verify scope, including revision control; get rid of the yellow highlighter.

3 Clip Board List with Check Mark Icon

Compile inspection and test packages automatically, including inspection and test sheets and latest drawings from your document server to save up to 95% of time.

Enterprise Asset Management

Create visibility on available documents by tag, sub-system, and milestone.

Document With an A on it Icon

Create visibility on required documents for FAT, SAT, turnover, commissioning and operations.

Time Sensitive Document With Gear Icon

Detect revised drawings after inspections.

Evaluation Resources


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