Weld-Console turns welding projects into simple daily instructions, and validates and ensures that projects comply with contract and law. Our comprehensive solution helps many project stakeholders work with more integration, efficiency, transparency, and quality.  

Weld-Console interfaces with engineers, sub-contractors on site, and shops to maintain project overview and control. It also updates status of joints, spools, and isometrics to stages such as "ready for hydro" or "pipe complete", and brings them through each step of bolting, welding, examination, and documentation. 

Piping Welding  

Gain full visibility of your welding projects and day-to-day activities in Weld-Console to increase the efficiency and compliance of your projects. View and update items such as:  

  • Piping joints, bolted connections, and fabrications.  
  • Activities and requirements.  
  • NDEs and PWHT.
  • Spools.  
  • Pressure tests. 
  • Turnover/handover systems. 
Piping Drawings (Desktop)

Structural Welding 

Easily pull up your structural welding projects to drill down into day-to-day tasks in Weld-Console. Review and edit welding details like:  

  • Structural joints and fabrications. 
  • Activities and requirements.  
  • NDEs and PWHT. 
  • Structural Join-ups.  
  • Turnover/Handover systems. 
Structural Drawings (Desktop)

Automatic Assignment

To save costly man-hours, the system can assign various demands (based on pre-existing and pre-entered requirements) to ensure execution according to specification and contract, and prevent fail costs. The system allows easy assignment of:  

  • NDEs/PWHTs (Non-Destructive Examinations/ Post Weld Heat Treatment).
  • WPSs (Weld Procedure Specifications). 
  • Flange torque/tensioning values/procedures.  
Automatic Assignment (Desktop)

Automatic Validation

While Weld-Console actively tries to prevent mistakes from happening, human errors will still be made. To account for this, Weld-Console will validate every data entry, flag problems immediately, and report the issues to appropriate parties (e.g. the welding engineer for welder qualification or WPS issues). The system enables you to easily and automatically validate entered data like:  

  • Welders/Qualifications.
  • WPSs (Weld Procedure Specifications). 
  • Heat Numbers. 
  • Personnel Certification. 
Automatic Validation (Desktop)

Quality & Progress Reporting 

Access a reporting suite that enables you to configure internal reports and external reports for large welding projects. 

  • Easily design queries and reports.
  • Schedule automated reports (e.g. send outstanding NDEs to your NDE subcontractor).
  • Customize reports to individual project needs.
(Quality Reporting) Welder Performance (Desktop)


Weld-Console Add-ons

Mobile Apps

Mobile App 

The Weld-Console Mobile App, Weld & Flange Management, bridges the gap between the office and site execution/ fabrication, by enabling foremen, QA/QC managers, etc. to directly report any welding, bolting, or NDE progress. It reports checked welds and flange connections, and enables NDE or torque/ tensioning activities to start directly. 


PDF Scraper

In some cases, you will not receive spreadsheet data and only have PDF isometrics generated from a 3D system or scan to work with. The PDF scraper enables you to scan drawings in bulk, and reads the materials (MTO/BOM) to define welds within an Excel file that you can easily import into Weld-Console, which will define your welding scope.  

Report Scheduler

PCF Converter 

3D engineering systems like PDMS, Smartplant, or similar produce Piping Component Files (PCF) from isometrics. Prometheus Group’s PCF converter can translate this into a suitable Excel file that can be imported straight into Weld-Console. Bulk mode is also supported.


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Minimize NDE costs by automatically assigning exactly what is needed. 

Controlled access to Primavera

Increase control, compliance, technical integrity, and ease of handover. 

Mobile applications

Use mobile applications to improve efficiency, and save man-hours and real-time information.

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Configurable to suit both straightforward and complex work processes. 

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Validate and ensure that projects comply with federal, contractual, and corporate regulations. 

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Improve ability to produce digital documents and reports throughout the project cycle.  

To Way Sync on Desktop Icon

Minimize digitalization efforts of isometric drawings, by utilizing PDF Scraper or PCF Converter. 

Less Time and Money

Maximize quality and minimize errors and administrative/management cost of welding projects. 

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