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Prometheus Mobile for Maximo

A single mobile platform for Maximo, Esri, and other enterprise systems.

Today's business needs require that flexible mobility technologies meet the unique needs of Maximo® and Esri clients across many different industries. Prometheus Mobile Facility Management – formerly known as DataSplice – is the premier application to expand and simplify the functionality of Maximo and bring it out into the field.

Mobile Facility Management (formerly DataSplice):

Works on any operating system, including Android, iOS, Windows, etc. with a consistent user experience
Is built with scalable technology that readily integrates into existing operations, and can be extended as your needs evolve
Supports online, offline and mixed mode multi-use capabilities
Collects accurate data in the field and increases data reliability
Incorporates interactive maps (that function fully online or offline) into enterprise business processes
Uses modern HTML5 mapping techniques, allowing users to interact with millions of GIS features in remote areas where reliable connectivity is not available
Is built with a mobile-first responsive design
Works with Prometheus Mobile for Maximo forms; a complete dynamic data form, perfect for condition-based tasks, such as inspections. This full-featured system, which may be used with or without Maximo, can quickly be configured to meet regulatory, compliance, and operational requirements through a form-building toolset
Integrates with Commercial-off-the-shelf solutions (COTS) for mobile work orders, inventory, planning, requests, reports, and forms

The Prometheus Mobile for Maximo Server uses a plug-in architecture to provide integration into a range of external systems including:

IBM Maximo (through the MBO interface)
Oracle & SQL Server databases (through Ado.NET database connections)
ESRI web services (through REST API endpoints)
LDAP & Active Directory systems
Network file systems

Our server combines data from across these sources making them available to end users within a single customer application.

Prometheus Mobile for Maximo Case Studies
Find out how maintenance teams in facilities management, utilities, oil and gas, government administration, and more are using DataSplice - now Prometheus Mobile for Maximo.
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Existing DataSplice Users: New Release Early September

Are you already using DataSplice 5.3 or an older version? It may be the right time to upgrade to the newest version of DataSplice, now Prometheus Mobile for Maximo.

New Key Features available in this latest release:

New and modern design
Customizable cards display
Faster download speeds and reliability
Enhanced configuration and debugging tools
And much more!
New Release
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Your Mobile for Maximo Team

Prometheus Mobile for Maximo and its Maximo and Esri services team have deep domain expertise and mobile implementation experience, which provides fast and efficient project implementations. Many clients demand that their mobile experience aligns with their unique business models, operating processes and functional requirements. Our services teams can take the pre-configured Maximo and Esri mobile functionality and transform it into an effective, unique mobile system quickly and efficiently.

Looking for a Future-Proof Mobility Solution That Works With Maximo? You've Found It

Mobile for Maximo is optimized for fast data transfer, and it connects seamlessly with IBM Maximo to provide real-time updates from the field. But what's next for mobility? Platform integration with all your other enterprise asset management solutions for one scalable, cohesive, streamlined, and simplified experience. Integration with the other Prometheus platform products, such as Planning & Scheduling, Permitting & Safety, and Reporting & Analyticsallows your business to maintain your CMMS, such as Maximo, as your single source of truth.

As part of upgrading to the Prometheus platform, Mobility provides afresh, new interface optimized for native mobile applications. A re-imagined web-based configuration management tool allows for easy customization to screens and workflows. Click here to learn how you can take advantage of the Prometheus platform.

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