Prometheus Construction Management allows organizations to enforce their project management processes. Starting with the project idea, ideas can be routed through a workflow to ensure that correct and pertinent information is provided for strategic project selection. 

Once a project is initiated, project managers are guided through your organization's phase gate processes, ensuring that criteria are met while capturing deliverables, risks, change requests, and key documents.  

Cost controllers can utilize the forecasting module to provide monthly forecasts by entering the EAC (Estimated Actual Cost) over a date range with a cost curve profile. Integration with SAP and Primavera P6 allows for actual costs and scheduling information to generate accurate earned value analysis. Project AFEs (Authorizations for Expenditure) and forecasts enable annual budgeting processes to give a total account for the portfolio budget outlook. 

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Project Requests 

Create and route project requests through an approval workflow while ensuring critical information is captured, in order to make the best decision on a project idea. 

  • Designate a single point of entry for project ideas to eliminate information silos.  
  • Include key documentation, risks, opportunities, and justification for project request approval.
  • Review project ideas by priority or approval status (draft, approved, in progress).  
  • Set requirements for project idea submissions to ensure requests have complete information.
  • Access information about project ideas to understand complexity, cost justification payback, teams required, risks, and opportunities.  
  • Attach documents from SharePoint or other Document Management Systems (DMS).  
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Portfolio Management 

Increase visibility and analyze projects in your portfolio with rich dashboards and reports. 

  • Build What-If Scenarios to rank and register projects.
  • Quickly identify active projects by initiative, priority, and other key attributes.
  • Access a high-level view of projects and drill down to individual sites within your organization.  
Portfolio Management Mockup

Phase Gate Management 

Enforce your organization’s phase gates by requiring completion of deliverables before moving to the next project phase. 

  • Templatize and standardize list of deliverables by project type and scale.
  • Access summarized view of upcoming and late deliverables across the enterprise.
  • Configure projects to have phase gates like feasibility, definition, design, execute & install, and close-out.  
  • Attach and view reference documents of completed project deliverables from past projects.  
  • Easily toggle between active projects to access phase gate management dashboards.  
Phase Gate Management Mockup

Equipment Deliverables  

Most capital projects result in the installation of new assets. Track and visualize the readiness and documentation handover.

  • Standardize and templatize equipment deliverable documentation by equipment class and type, to ensure that your maintenance department has all relevant documentation.
  • Track creation of SAP functional locations and equipment for new assets.
  • View percent complete for project equipment deliverables. 
Equipment Deliverables Mockup

Risk and Opportunity Logs 

Streamline your project management by clearly identifying project risks and opportunities. 

  • Incentivize project managers to input risks.  
  • Link project risks with change requests to properly evaluate change impact.
  • Generate alerts for risk mitigation owners to their open action items. 
Risk and Opportunity Logs Mockup

Change Management 

Project change is inevitable - stay on top of project trends and changes by drawing down contingency funds. 

  • Route change requests through project-specific approvals.
  • Forecast project contingency needs.
  • Visualize project deviations and draw-downs from contingency. 
Change Request and Contingency Management Mockup


Input Estimate at Complete (EAC) values with distribution curves and dates to generate a project monthly cashflow. 

  • SAP integration provides Actual (CJI3) and Committed (CJI8) cost per WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) elements.
  • Take snapshots to capture forecast change over time. Snapshots can be prompted at key phase gate decision points.  
  • Analyze and compare authorized amounts from prior years.  
Forecasting Mockup

Earned Value 

Leverage cost data from SAP and scheduling from P6 to evaluate project performance.  

  • Use Forecasting control snapshots to calculate Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI).
  • Track percent complete in PPM, or leverage integration with P6 for progress tracking.
  • Use milestone percent complete for tracking items such as payment, design submission, and IFCs. 
Earned Value Mockup


Create annual budgeting cycles integrated with project forecasting efforts.  

  • Leverage project forecast snapshots to use as a basis for budgeting.
  • Route a budget through review and approval.
  • Build What-If Scenarios to compare budget versions. 
Budgeting Mockup


To Way Sync on Desktop Icon

Break down project management silos while intuitively enforcing phase gate processes. 

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Onboard new project managers faster and leverage recommended project deliverable lists and examples of completed documents. 

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Improve project management process adherence. 

Reviewing Analytics Chart Icon

Reduce time to generate project summary reports and corporate level dashboards. 

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Reduce confusion determining active projects. 


Easily and intuitively integrate with Primavera P6, SAP Plant Maintenance, and SAP Project Systems.  

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