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Permitting and Safety

Prometheus Platform Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSOW)

Prometheus Permitting & Safety is an Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSOW) that connects with your existing ERP, CMMS, or EAM system (such as SAP, Oracle, IBM Maximo, and more) to deliver digital transformation for your control of work systems.

ePAS (Electronic Permit Administration System) is a web-based solution that manages work permits, isolations/LOTO (lock-out tag-out), and risk assessment. ePAS integrates with all of your work management processes and existing safety systems, and it works on any device, online or offline, allowing users to continue with their safe work processes no matter what their connectivity is.
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Electronic Work Permits

Web-based permit to work software that increases efficiency and accuracy by eliminating redundant, manual paper-based work.

  • Standardize permit practices and ensure compliance according to your company's workflows and business rules
  • Bring consistency to permitting practices and reduce the number of permit-related incidents with intelligent templating
  • Fully auditable tracking of permit practices across multiple departments and sites
  • Enhance communication between maintenance and operations
  • Reduce reliance on individual knowledge
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Lockout Tagout

Powerful isolation management functions include templates, cross-referencing, isolation point validation and tag printing.

  • Enter information from the field in online or offline with the ePAS Mobile Application
  • Import your own P&ID files to create interactive isolation plans by adding actions, rules, and isolation points
  • Digital logbook system with shift logbook, shift handover, incidents, rounds, and more
  • Incorporate a technician's lockout/tagout accessories
  • Easy personnel assignments
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Risk Assessment

Standardize hazard identification and risk assessment to capture lessons learned and add a new level of rigor to your worksites.

  • Gain consistency and efficiency and reduce human error with HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)
  • Capture, manage and investigate incidents at the operational level from any location
  • Create MoC records, control records processes, and manage the changes with complete visibility every step of the way.
  • Assess process and job safety with audits, skills/competence, P&ID Isolation templates, and more
  • Specify and design functional safety systems
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Permitting & Safety Evaluation Resources

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