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Projects, Maintenance, Safety, Operations — the various departments and elements of your wider asset management strategy aren't standalone. They work together and rely on one another to achieve your goals. Isolating them into their separate applications creates inconsistency, limits visibility and communication, stalls processes, threatens data integrity and can even put employees at risk.

The Prometheus platform is a scalable environment that integrates all your enterprise asset management software into one cohesive, streamlined, simplified experience. Optimized for fast data transfer, it connects seamlessly with your EAM/CMMS, (such as SAP, IBM Maximo, Oracle or JDE), maintaining it as your single source of truth. Integrating all your asset management solutions from planning and scheduling to analytics (and everything in between), the Prometheus platform offers unparalleled communication, data visibility, consistency and connection.

Eliminate the need for standalone solutions. Bring your team onto the Prometheus platform. One source of truth for your organization's most critical functions.
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Platform Overview

Six interconnected modules simplify and streamline plant and facility maintenance

Routine Maintenance

Graphical, web-based, configurable planning & scheduling software suite loaded with time-saving features and intelligent tools such as configurable heatmaps, drag and drop scheduling, mass change, auto-level, and more.

Create easy-to-use dashboards that connect with your EAM, ERP, or CMMS in real-time.
Real-time, graphical planning and scheduling
Consolidates shop papers and documents for work packages
Streamline order planning by copying work orders to task lists and BOMs for future use.
Aggregated status of all materials necessary for a job along with multi-word, multi-field material search
Real-time simulation before commitment to the ERP system including resource histograms, planned vs actual work, and s-curve analysis
Easily create user workflows in a single screen that connects to any EAM, ERP, or CMMS
Display the estimated, planned, and actual costs alongside the budget number
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With intuitive user interface and online/offline capabilities, Prometheus Group’s native mobile app for iOS, Android, Windows and more connects maintenance technicians in the field with your EAM, ERP or CMMS. In real-time, technicians can perform a range of key asset management functions, including work order execution, routes and inspections, and inventory management.

View and create work orders, plan work, enter time confirmations, view production orders/documents, and enter new notifications quickly and easily in the field
Track inventory, enter goods issued & received, utilize barcode scanning, view inventory documents, update inventory count on-site
Perform field risk assessments, track statuses, monitor work progression
Work with or without internet connectivity and automatically sync with your EAM/ERP/CMMS when connectivity is restored
Enjoy a consistent, user-friendly experience on iOS, Android, and Windows
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Permitting & Isolations

Integrated safe system of work (ISSOW) and electronic permitting (ePTW) suite that drastically reduces the inefficiencies, frustrations, compliance issues, and potential dangers of paper permitting, while also managing isolations/LOTO (lock-out-tag-out), risk assessments, and more. This solution works on any device, online or offline allowing your users to continue safe work practices, no matter what the connectivity.

Use isolation management templates and perform cross-referencing, isolation point validation, and tag printing
Standardize hazard identification and risk assessments
Leverage intelligent templating to create consistency and efficiency
Enter field information online/offline with the ePAS mobile app
Leverage intelligent templating to create consistency and efficiency
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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics quickly reveals actionable insights from real-time reports of company wide curated metrics. Your dedicated Prometheus data analyst can quickly use real-time data to reveal crucial information and identify pain-points to drive improvement in your company’s asset management strategy.

Gather standardized, intelligent insights from across all Prometheus products
Curate reports from across your EAM/ERP/CMMS
Optimize your reporting and strategy with your dedicated Prometheus Data Analyst
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Turnaround & Outage Management

Turnaround & Outage Management provides a single command center for the full lifecycle of your Shutdown, Turnaround, or Outage from planning through to execution and review. Manage scope and materials, track planning progress, improve communication, and collect real-time progress updates from the field.

Fast, reliable, real-time digital approvals and status updates
Configurable user management, simplified system ideal for short-term contractors
Automated job alerts to flag specific jobs you would like to track
Dashboards and reports for your outage management KPIs
Pre-mapped fields and transformation logic
Integrates work order, schedule, clearance, and RP data
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Master Data Governance

Gather, cleanse, and standardize data from across the Prometheus Platform (and your EAM/ERP/CMMS) for actionable insights. Ideal for new EAM implementations and for mergers and acquisitions, Master Data Governance ensures your single source of truth is accurate.

Reduce duplicate materials
Reduce inventory carrying costs
Leverage corporate-negotiated rates for materials
Reduce production outages caused by lack of spare parts
Reduce downtime caused by stockout reduction
Avoid starting from scratch in M&A
Cleanse and standardize your data
Create data standardization rules
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Platform Benefits

Connects seamlessly with your EAM, ERP, or CMMS in real-time

Maintains your ERP, EAM, or CMMS as the single source of truth, preserving your data integrity
Native integrations enable a real-time, lightning fast connection between your EAM, ERP, or CMMS
Integrates with SAP, IBM Maximo, Oracle, JDE and more, offering improved user experience, extended capabilities and improved workflows designed for your end users
Solves the problem of outdated or inaccurate data that lives in siloed systems and isn't updated in real time as things change
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Enhances and controls the flow of information across your asset management groups

Offers configurable solutions to suit your business processes and best practices; you determine who has access to specific data and user rights
Drastically improves efficiency, safety, and productivity by streamlining communication and increasing data visibility between employees, departments, and work sites
Eliminates the need for standalone solutions, offering better consistency and collaboration across your asset management departments and groups
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One intuitive, user-friendly experience no matter which site, which product, or which device

Combines powerful design with decades of hands-on experience, for solutions that were developed to streamline the efficiency of your workforce and ensure accuracy and consistency across all users
Simplifies the effort of performing asset management tasks in SAP, IBM Maximo or other EAM, ERP, or CMMS systems with enhanced capabilities and time-saving features
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Mobile capabilities

Offers a scalable, native app rather than merely a mobile website
Works in online and offline modes; technicians can enter information at the point of work execution, even if they are out of range
Is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows, and Google smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devices
Our mobile application connects directly to your EAM, ERP, or CMMS (such as SAP, Maximo, and Oracle) and the rest of the Prometheus platform products in real-time online or offline.
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Offers unparalleled integration between the solutions and tools in the platform

Connects every element of your asset management strategy and work, including Routine Maintenance, Mobility, Permitting & Isolations, Reporting & Analytics, Turnaround & Outage Management and Master Data Governance
Scales according to your needs; connect more modules from the platform over time as your business needs grow
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