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Prometheus is a scalable platform designed to meet all of your business requirements. Our proven, plug-and-play solutions adapt to your organization, not the other way around. Prometheus harnesses the power of years of experience and data and delivers it to your ERP. It provides an interface to connect multiple systems while improving the user experience with the latest web and mobile technology.  

Our platform’s interconnected nature means scheduling changes are communicated in real-time to mobile, permits are ensured to be ready and available prior to schedules being released, and analytics from every solution in the platform are measured and reported across your organization. Leverage Prometheus's machine learning capabilities to optimize schedules, organize, standardize, and sustain master data, and turn your data into actionable insights.

Multiple platforms, same experience

Using the latest technologies, we’re able to deliver a uniform experience across the platform while ensuring your solutions never become obsolete or incompatible.


Prometheus's purchase of Pipeline Software has given us the ability to connect to multiple systems, including: SAP, Maximo, Oracle, JDE, and professional project management solutions. This super lightweight solution is optimized for fast data transfer in both real-time and batch scenarios.

Machine learning

We're partnered with researchers from NC State University to identify patterns in the daily operations of a facility. Our system includes factors far beyond hours of operation, including location, temperatures, conditions, and the interconnectivity of equipment. Our advanced algorithms help you to deeply understand what your data means and how to act on these insights.

Integrated real-time solution

We provide one source of truth for your organization's most critical functions. Any change made in the platform is automatically reflected in your system of record. You no longer have to worry about time delays or lost or inaccurate paper records.

Planning and Scheduling

Be preventive; stay competitive.
Meet world-class maintenance standards with a solution that optimizes your maintenance strategy.


Optimize your data integrity.
Make your ERP easy to navigate with a robust, intuitive mobile platform.

Permitting, Isolations and Risk Management

Advanced Integrated Safe System of Work reduces risk while increasing visibility and communications between operations and maintenance.


Actionable insights on demand.
Real-time data, complete with the information you need to drive improvement.

Master Data

Take advantage of the Prometheus data library so your team can focus on verifying and approving materials instead of defining them.
We provide standardized short & long text, abbreviations, translations, and class/characteristics, as well as other key master data elements.

Coming Soon

Prometheus is dedicated to expanding the platform to wherever your business needs to be.

Marine transport scheduling

Inventory optimization

STO optimizations

Reliability machine learning